Aloita Resort & Spa

Indonesia: Sumatra

One of the most (if not the most) beautiful surf resorts in the tropical paradise that is the Mentawais; situated in one of the least crowded areas

"Ocean views and massages or beauty treatments"

Aloita is situated on a small private island ensuring an exclusive atmosphere with only a few guests on the islands at a time.  This resort boasts a hard to beat restaurant, bar and lounge area made with beautiful hardwoods overlooking pristine white beaches. Enjoy ocean views as you are pampered with a full complement of massages or beauty treatments. Beautiful 2 bed room and family villas will be your home whilst on the island soaking up this tropical paradise with a beautiful lagoon out front.

"Waves to enjoy consistency and variety of the Mentawais"

The resort is located in the Telescopes / Iceland area and with very few other camps around you will be able to enjoy the least crowded waves in the Mentawais. The surf here will blow your mind and the speedboat will ensure for fast transfer to waves to enjoy the unmatched levels of consistency and variety that the Mentawais offer. Telescopes, a world class left, is 10 minutes from the resort and there is even a secret spot (in big swells) within 5 minutes walling distance – there is a wave for everyone from beginner to Hellman.

That’s not all – the resort offers a full dive service with all the gear and qualified instructors for you to enjoy the spectacular reefs in the area.

There are great unpublished rates available – just ask us – and you could be surfing your brains out in the best surf on the planet!

4 reasons to choose Aloita Resort and Spa:

  1. One of the most and if not the most beautiful surf resorts in the Mentawais!
  2. Tropical paradise with a beautiful lagoon; Accommodation.
  3. Beautiful 2 bed room and family villas in a private atmosphere with only a few guests.
  4. Located in the Telescopes/Icelands area with very few other camps around offering probably the least crowded world class waves in the Mentawais!