Arctic Circle Ski Cruise


Breathtaking landscapes, from snowy peak to shimmering sea. Explore Svalbard the hidden gem of Norway!

"Norway is known for the fjords of Spitsbergen"

If there’s two things Norway is known for it’s the spectacular scenery and those incredible fjords and you can explore the best of both worlds with the Arctic Circle Ski Cruise, traveling aboard the Arctica II ship, cruising the fjords of Spitsbergen while searching for Norway’s best ski slopes.

"This winter paradises has deep powder & fun descents"

Imagine waking up to the soft sounds of the sea and then heading out in search of deep powder and fun descents each day. During the Arctic Circle Ski Cruise you’ll spend each long day, of almost endless daylight thanks to far northern location in spring, skiing and cruising around the beautiful Norwegian island of Svalbard. Other highlights of the ski cruise include opportunities to enjoy trekking, kayaking and wildlife zodiac cruises.

Are you ready to explore one of the world’s undiscovered winter paradises? LUEX can help you book an Arctic Circle Ski Cruise today!

4 reasons to choose Arctic Circle Ski Cruise:

  1. Ski the remote and beautiful landscapes of Norway’s Svalbard!
  2. Perfect choice for an easy, all-inclusive package because your bed and chef travel with you on board the ship!
  3. Opportunities for other on shore excursions.
  4. Get the most out of your ski trip because you’ll have almost endless daylight up near the Arctic Circle!