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Alaska: Alaska

Are you ready to experience heli-skiing in Alaska? ASG has the perfect trip set up for you whether you’re a first-time flyer or you’re a fully-fledged powder hound.

"Ski and snowboard adventures in the Chugach Mountains"

Flying out of Valdez, AK Alaska Snowboard Guides is dedicated to bringing skiers and snowboarders epic adventures in the massive Chugach Mountains. Up here in the alpine you’ll find big open terrain, steep faces and huge bowls. Pick your line, stomp it, repeat: smiles all-round.

If you’ve been seeking untouched powder and real wilderness exploration the ASG guides know just where to take you for the ride of a life-time. These seasoned pros have incredible knowledge of their terrain. You’ll be geared up with all the latest in backcountry protection including airbag, beacon, shovel, probe, harness and radio.

"Fly Heli-skiing out of Valdez and ride sick lines"

Packages are extremely flexible and come with our without lodging- your choice! Feel like trying something new? ASG has some pretty sweet kit from the LIB-TECH team that’s available for rent, just show up with your own boots and you’re good to go.

If you no-nonsense heli-skiing, that factors in weather conditions, and guarantees you ski the lines you paid for, then ASG have got your back this winter. For details of the trips and booking info call Luex and we’ll answer any of your questions.

Three reasons to choose ASG Alaska:

  1. Real-deal heli-skiing experience in Alaska!
  2. Professional guides who want to show you the best spots.
  3. Ride the lines you’ve paid for and get priority seating.