Atlantiksurf Cantabria

Spain: Cantabria - West

Luxury tent accommodation is offered to surfers in this great value for money surf camp situated just 200 metres from uncrowded beaches.

"Surf camp with great value for money in Northern Spain"

Surfers looking for a European surf camp which offers great value for money will no doubt appreciate the rates offered by the Atlantiksurf Cantabria surf camp in Northern Spain. Accommodation is offered in spacious 4 man tents but with only a maximum number of 2 people per tent. Additionally, the luxury camping offered here has tents set up so that each person has their own section inside offering a degree of privacy if you want it.

"Close to the beach and easy access to the surf breaks"

If every minute of wave time is important to you then you will be pleased to know that Atlantiksurf Cantabria is situated only 200 metres away from the beach which means you will have easy access to the surf breaks. A good choice if you don't like to walk too far or you like to be able to get out of bed in the mornings knowing that you can be in the water and riding within minutes. In addition to the beaches being close by they are also uncrowded which is usually something of high priority for most surfers.

Atlantiksurf Cantabria surf camp offers a range of packages which allow you to decide how much surfing you want to include. For those who want to surf all day there are multiple packages available, that offer 15 hours a week of lessons which gives you a lot more water time.

This surf camp would be a good choice if you are looking for a surf camp which doesn't cost the earth but instead gives a range of packages all of which offer great value for money.

4 reasons to choose Atlantiksurf Cantabria:

  1. Luxury camping accommodations!
  2. 200 metres to the beach!
  3. Great value for money.
  4. 15 hours per week lesson packages.