Atoll Challenger


Best value for money in all atolls of the Maldives.

"New surf charter vessel with sundecks and lounging areas"

An upper class boat for a price you wouldn’t normally even get a budget boat for!

This new surf charter vessel meets all the requirements you could wish for. The wooden interior is excellent work and gives a natural feel. The cuisine is the aspect most talked about in the Atoll Challenger. It offers a wide range of dishes for all preferences and tastes. The bar is well stocked and you will be treated with a great selection of wines and drinks. All rooms offer air conditioning and are unusually spacious. Overall this vessel offers plenty of privacy, with large sundecks and eating and lounging areas.

"Atoll Challenger for all surf regions of the Maldives"

You can charter the Atoll Challenger with only 8 pax and add up to 16. The charter rates are incredibly low even for small groups. Go and secure yourself one of the best options available. The Atoll Challenger is available for all surf regions of the Maldives. You can sail the North and South Male Atolls, Central Atolls and Southern Atolls. The boat is safe and fast.

4 reasons to choose the Atoll Challenger:

  1. Best value for money.
  2. Luxury boat!
  3. Available for all Atolls!
  4. Perfect for larger groups of 8 or more pax.