Bali Fit Surf Retreat

Indonesia: Bali

An all-inclusive fitness retreat, offering a holistic approach to fitness and health. Get fitter and healthier in body and mind and surf nearby famous Eco Beach.

“Sweat, stretch, and relax in this all inclusive retreat”

If you prefer to be active on your holidays, Bali Fit is for you. Located 500m from iconic surf spots Eco Beach and Old Man’s in Canggu, Bali, this all-inclusive fitness retreat offers training, yoga, surf and more. You’ll have different training and yoga sessions each day, and refuel in the onsite café, which serves you fresh, healthy, locally-grown food.

"The accommodation has all the comforts of home"

Two types of accommodation are available with all the comforts and conveniences of home. Choose between on-site apartments or hotel rooms, all available privately or shared. In the apartments you can cook, lounge in the living area and enjoy the outdoor pool. Staying in the hotel means you’re right across the street from the Bali Fit studio and cafe, whilst enjoying the chic industrial design of the hotel - and the large pool!

"Choose your favourite package option"

How do you like your salt water, sweat or the sea? Choose between a 7 or 14 night “Get Fit” package, or a 7 night “Surf and Yoga” package. Either way, you’ll have access to a whole host of world-class nutritionists, physio and massage therapists, and mind-body specialists to supplement your training

4 Reasons to choose Bali Fit

  1. Great location just 500m from the beach
  2. Various specialists available for your every need
  3. Tasty healthy on-site cafe
  4. Accommodation options to suit different tastes