Banff Ski & Snowboard Instructor Course

Canada: Alberta

Make your dreams of becoming a ski or snowboard instructor come true at one of Canada’s best resorts, in Banff!

"Ride spectacular slopes in the largest ski area of Canada"

You can learn what it takes to be a leading ski instructor at one of the world’s best ski resorts at Banff! This 11-week program offers one of the most extensive courses in skiing and snowboarding instruction in the world and a chance to learn from the experts while skiing or riding the spectacular slopes at Banff all winter.

During the 11-week course you’ll have more than 220 hours of coaching experience from level 3 and 4 instructors in small groups of 8 or less so you’ll have more than enough one-to-one coaching. This unique ski course from Nonstop is also the only company that will provide training in all three of Banff’s resorts, Lake Louise, Sunshine Village and Mount Norquay which together make up one of the largest ski areas in Canada.

"Travel to Lake Louise, Sunshine Village & Mount Norquay"

At the end of this 11-week Banff Ski and Snowboard Instructor Course, you’ll have what it takes to become a CSIA level 1 and level 2 instructor and you’ll be able to take park instructor and race instructor exams.

After your instructor course in Banff, the options are limitless; you can become a ski instructor almost anywhere in the world! Let LUEX help you plan your dream of becoming a ski or snowboard instructor today!

4 reasons to choose Banff Ski & Snowboard Instructor Course:

  1. Learn and live at one of the best resorts at world-renowned Banff!
  2. Acquire the skills you need to instruct at a level 1 or level 2!
  3. Count on the expert advice of the Nonstop coaches.
  4. Gain the experience to coach almost anywhere in the world!