Chillandsurf Portugal

Portugal: Alentejo & North Algarve

Laid-back camp with varied and funky accommodation options and class/guiding options, giving you a perfect base from which to explore the Algarve area.

"Surfers love the camp located on Portugal's Algarve coast"

Surfers on the look-out for a super laid-back camp are going to love the Chillandsurf located on Portugal's Algarve coast. This offers you the perfect base from which to explore the area and gives you the chance of spending your time in one of the funky housing options which are available here.

What's on offer with the accommodation here? Perhaps better to ask what isn't! You can stay in a tent, a caravan, an apartment or – get this! - a tree-house. It's not every day you can say you have woken up to check the surf in one of those. Truly there is an option here for every type of traveling surfer no matter what you are looking for and no matter what your own personal priorities. Alternatively, just rock up in your own surf-bus, pick whichever shady spot appeals most and then simply park up for the duration of your stay.

"Arrifana offers right hand point breaks and beach breaks"

The Algarve region, both its west and south facing coasts, is just full of quality breaks waiting to be explored and Chillandsurf gives you a perfect base from which to do just that. Arrifana itself offers up a quality right hand point break and a beach break full of hollow and fun peaks.

All the packages offered by Chillandsurf include accommodation which as previously discussed covers a wide range of options. Onto this basic package you can add meals, classes and guiding depending on what you personally need. Chillandsurf is a real steal for equipped, experienced surfers in particular, who just need accommodation only.

Consider Chillandsurf if you are looking for funky accommodation and a laid back base in an area just crying out to be explored.

4 reasons to choose Chillandsurf:

  1. Super laid-back camp atmosphere.
  2. Tent, caravan, apartment or tree-house options available.
  3. Bring your own surf-bus/van option available.
  4. Classes, guiding and meal options possible.