Chugach Powder Guides

Alaska: Alaska

Heli ski? Snowcat ski? Resort ski? You can do all three with the Chugach Powder Guides package in beautiful Girdwood, Alaska.

"Combination of helicopter and snowcat"

Have you always wanted to try heli skiing? Do you want to cat ski too? Can’t decide which? Why not both? With Chugach Powder Guides, you’ll get the best of both worlds, and have the chance to ski at one of Alaska’s best resorts. With a package from Chugach Powder Guides, you’re sure to have maximum powder time with over 750,000 acres of heli terrain and 3 A-Star helicopters, 2 snowcats, and endless runs at Alyeska Resort. At the end of your day at Alyeska, head to the Girdwood base where the city and night life waits.

Chugach Powder Guides have something for everyone, and their combination of helicopter and snowcat transport means you won’t waste any time waiting. From low-angle cruisers to pro-grade steep chutes, the Chugach Powder Guides can get you to the terrain that is perfect for your skill level and interests. 

"Alaskan values like exploration, safety and passion"

We have two distinct locations for you: Vivid Girdwood and the Hotel Aleyska or the remote fishing town Seward and the Seward Windsong Lodge. Girdwood offers the classic dining and entertainment options of a famous ski town and is easily accessed from the Anchorage International Airport too. Sewards strongpoint is the amazing terrain around: The combination of sea, sky and peaks in the Kenai Range offer an endless amount of first descents and explorer terrain.

The Chugach Powder Guides take pride in offering the best service, focused on core Alaskan values like respect, exploration, safety and passion. With 15 years in the heli skiing business and a reliable reputation as one of the first heli ski operations in Alaska, you know you’re getting the best service with Chugach Powder Guides.

4 reasons to choose Chugach Powder Guides:

  1. Heli ski and snowcat ski for maximum vertical!
  2. Excellent accommodations.
  3. Different packages: Choose between “Ski town” atmosphere or “Luxury Lodging” and “Explorer Skiing”.
  4. Reputation of experience and reliability.