Dream Voyager


Comfort and luxury on the open sea with the crew of the Dream Voyager, a newly refurbished sailing yacht specializing in adventure cruises in the Maldives.

"Dream Voyager cruises the Maldives in ultimate comfort"

A refurbished luxury yacht outfitted in teak and mahogany, the Dream Voyager boasts a variety of amenities that include a restaurant, bar, library, lounge, sun lounge, and private, air conditioned cabins equipped with double beds, en suite WC’s and hot water, flat-screen TVs, and a wide selection of movies. Fully carpeted and designed for ultimate comfort, the Dream Voyager cruises the Maldives in style and has a range of services to prove it.

"Buffet and five-course meals are supplemented"

Indoor and outdoor buffet breakfasts and five-course lunches and dinners are supplemented by an all-day tea and coffee service and evening sunset cocktail event, and the bar only closes when the last guest retires.

While this adventure yacht follows a regular cruising schedule, charters to specific regions can be pre-arranged, providing guests with a customizable experience and access to any number of different Maldivian attractions. With yachts like the Dream Voyager plying the local waters, there is no longer any reason to rough it in the Maldives. Book your trip today to ensure dates and availability.

3 Reasons to Choose this Trip:

  1. Comfortable, luxurious adventure.
  2. Access to uncrowded regions.
  3. Customized charters available.