Fernie Ski Touring & Splitboarding Camps

Canada: British Columbia

Ready for more powder? Learn the skills for ski touring or splitboarding with a camp at Fernie and let the powder adventures begin!

"Broaden your backcountry skiing experience in Fernie"

Enter a new world of skiing with a ski touring or splitboarding camp where you’ll learn the skills to explore new places like you never have before! Learning to ski tour or splitboard is a great way to broaden your backcountry skiing experience, allowing you to access more terrain than ever before by touring or hiking to places that are inaccessible otherwise.

Ski touring isn’t just about getting to new places; it’s also a chance to escape the noise and crowds at typical resorts without the cost and hassle of more expensive options like heliskiing and catskiing. Ski touring and splitboarding also has the potential to let you ski or ride terrain that may not even be accessible by heli or snowcat!

"Rental of skis or splitboards & guided touring are included"

You can learn everything you need to know about ski touring or splitboarding during a 1 week touring camp where expert instructors will introduce you to the specialist equipment and teach you the techniques you’ll need to master the sport. At the end of your week at a Nonstop Ski Touring and Splitboarding Camp at Fernie, you’ll be ready to tackle almost any terrain with confidence.

The Fernie Ski Touring and Splitboarding Camp includes rental of skis or splitboards, guided touring with a backcountry expert, and accommodation at the Red Tree Lodge.

There’s no better place to learn the skills to ski tour that at Fernie Alpine Resort and LUEX can take you there!

4 reasons to choose Fernie Ski Touring & Splitboarding Camp:

  1. Learn the skills to tour on touring skis or splitboards with the help of experts.
  2. Explore the epic powder of Fernie Alpine Resort, one of the world’s best resorts.
  3. Spend one week touring so you can master all the most important techniques.
  4. Enjoy resting and relaxing at the cozy Red Tree Lodge with all the amenities and a great place to socialize with new friends!