Free Ski Himalaya

India: Kashmir

Prepare for “life off!” Your trip is going to be out of this world! Ski or ride at the Gulmarg Ski Resort in the beautiful Himalayas and leave the world behind!

"Looking at 4,124 meter high Mt. Apharwat"

Enjoy breathtaking ski and snowboard runs on endless snowfields and through beautiful forests with Free Ski Himalaya. In the Himalayas, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, things move a little different. Slow down and relax for this incredible experience of a lifetime. When you ski or snowboard the steep slopes, looking up at 4,124 meter high Mt. Apharwat you’ll know you’ve left your worries behind.

During your trip with Free Ski Himalaya, you’ll stay at Gulmarg Ski Resort and the surrounding backcountry, where you’ll discover the fascinating world of Kashmir. Packages for Free Ski Himalaya, managed by Swiss operator, Chris Werrren, are guaranteed to be great, due to his extensive experience, working in the Kashmir region since 2005 and with tourism in Nepal since 1996. You can rest assured with established local contacts, sound terrain knowledge, and competent guides. You’ll also feel safe and secure in the company of the experienced and capable drivers with reliable vehicles.

"Be open for these beautiful folks and their perceptions"

Packages are available for multiple types of week-long programs for individuals who want to enjoy a ski vacation with the security and beneficial rates of an established organization.

Are you ready for the “Himalaya Experience”? Imagine: Clocks in the Himalayas are ticking differently than in the westernized world. For enjoying this trip, for fully immersing into this incredibly interesting culture, you have to step back from our “tried and truths”. You should be open for these beautiful folks and their different perception of life. Also - unexpected things will happen: The ski lift might not work for the full day, roads might be closed, power cuts happen, the heating in your car might be broken. Welcome in Cashmere, let the adventure happen!

Choose a custom-built ski or snowboard program in Gulmarg to make your powder dreams a reality!

4 reasons to Choose Free Ski Himalaya:

  1. Located in the breathtaking Himalayas.
  2. Experienced and reliable organization - swiss programm management combined with local guides!
  3. Flexible package options.
  4. Exquisite culture of Kashmir - let the adventure begin!