Freestyle Sessions Davos

Switzerland: Graubuenden

You can take your riding to the next level at the ultimate Swiss resort where the best snowboarders in the world come to ride in style: Davos.

"World Snowboard Guide gives Davos 10 out of 10"

You can learn from the best coaches in one of the world’s leading snowboarding destinations with a Freestyle Session at Davos. The World Snowboard Guide gives Davos 10 out of 10 and it received recognition as the “Best of the Alps” a few years ago with only 4 other resorts in Europe. For its legendary reputation Davos is sure to be the ultimate Swiss resort. 

The coaches at Freestyle Session Davos Camps are welcoming yet professional. Camps are perfectly suited for any level. Freestyle beginners will learn how to pop from switch to regular easily and expert riders will ride the super pipe and learn how to put it down faster, bigger, and with more style. Small groups ensure that you’ll get a personalized coaching experience.

"New park and half pipe provide plenty of challenge & fun"

At Davos you’ll find a variety of terrain from Jakobshorn where the new park and half pipe provide plenty of challenge and fun, to the Super Pipe at Bolgen. Plus you can ride and perfect your skills in plenty of other parks or boardercross circuits, or try out the “Speed Trap,” where you can read your top riding speed.

A variety of accommodation packages are available to suit all budgets.

If you want to learn at Davos, home to the world’s best boarders and even the former site of the Snowboarding World Championships and World Pro Tour events, sign up for a Freestyle Session at Davos.

4 reasons to choose Freestyle Session Davos:

  1. World famous Davos Resort.
  2. Freestyle Instruction for all levels.
  3. Variety of terrain and park features!
  4. Flexible accommodation packages.