H2O Guides

Alaska: Valdez

Ski the legendary Chugach Mountains with the most experienced guides in the area and the largest terrain on the planet!

"Experience the legendary Chugach region in Alaska"

Experience the legendary terrain of the Chugach with the H2O Guides, where experience, expertise and personalized service are a guarantee! Guiding in the Chugach region of Alaska since 1991, the H2O Guides have the experience and knowledge that it takes to create an ideal heliskiing experience. They also have access to the most terrain of any heliski operator in the world with more than 2 million acres of terrain.

"Heliskiing in endless terrain beyond Valdez"

With access to the entire Valdez area and almost endless terrain beyond Valdez, you’ll never get bored with the H2O Guides and you can be sure you’ll have plenty of fresh tracks! H2O Guides have access to 9 unique staging locations, more than any other operator, as a result of their incredible record and training, which means you have more choices than anywhere else on earth.

The guides at H2O Guides also take pride in providing a personalized service, with groups of no more than 4, you can be sure that your guide will be able to provide you with an exciting and unique experience and you’ll make memories and friends to last a lifetime.

Huge terrain and huge potential; the options are practically endless with a heliski trip with the H2O Guides!

4 reasons to choose H2O Guides:

  1. Small groups of no more than 4!
  2. The largest heliski tract on the planet!
  3. One of the most experienced heliski operators in the world and the best safety record in the area.
  4. Convenient location from Valdez with staff to meet you at the airport.