Hash & Family Surf Camp Nias

Indonesia: Sumatra

Super friendly family run surf camp near Sumatra’s legendary Nias wave. Rack up some serious tube time, then kick back and enjoy the relaxed vibe.

"Hotels and camps for surfers along Lagundry Bay"

Nias. One of the most famous waves in the world; a pumping Indo reef break treasured for its power, warm water and its flawless peeling barrels. You can even get to the lineup with dry hair through a gap in the reef known as ‘the keyhole!’

Several hotels and camps have sprung up along Lagundry Bay to provide surfers access to this Sumatran gem, but Hash & Family Surf Camps Nias is undoubtedly one of the friendliest! With a chilled out family vibe and personal service, you can be assured of a relaxing respite after intense sessions in Nias’ thumping tubes; a home from home, in tropical paradise.

"Perfect for singles, couples and groups of friends"

In addition to the main wave, several other breaks in the area cater to all levels of surfer: Lagundry Beach Break and Sunset Bay are ideal for beginners, while advanced surfers can scare themselves on the slabby left at Sobatu.

Accommodation options include single and double rooms, as well as shared rooms for up to four people – perfect for singles, couples and groups of friends. Packages typically include 3 tasty meals a day with an unlimited supply of tea and coffee, and airport transfers can also be arranged. The easiest and cheapest option is normally to fly from Medan to Gunung Sitoli airport, but give LUEX a call to work out which options are best for you!

3 Reasons to Choose Hash & Family Surf Camp Nias:

  1. Easy access to one of the top 10 waves in the world!
  2. Variety of breaks nearby provides options for all levels of surfer!
  3. Family run camp with a very friendly vibe.