Helipark New Zealand

New Zealand

Luxury heliskiing and riding at budget prices? Ski and ride as much or as little as you want and don’t worry about the cost with Helipark New Zealand!

"Pick a run you want to ski, Helipark will fly you there"

Do you want to experience the thrill and excitement of Heliskiing without spending too much? Helipark New Zealand is the first budget heliski operation on the planet, so you can live like a king, without paying like one.

The concept at Helipark New Zealand is revolutionary. You choose a run you want to ski or ride from the map, the guys at Helipark New Zealand will fly you there. No mountain guides are needed in the helipark. This is a new and more budget-friendly way to experience heliskiing.

You can also combine your package to include lodging at the cozy, Mt. Pott Lodge. This high-country lodge has a laid back feel which make you feel like you’re at home. But at home you won’t get to experience the luxury and adventure of having a helicopter waiting outside your door!

"Choose as many or as few runs as you like"

Your lodging will include a spectacular 3-course dinner and cooked breakfast designed for you by Chef Sam. The chef is passionate about his job and loves to cook sophisticated and delicious dishes for guests.

This package is fully customizable. You begin by purchasing an access pass for the helipark, then choose as many or as few runs as you like. Some people might choose just a few and chill out along the route, building kickers or going for some hikes, or you can choose a lot and fly and ride as much as possible. Because the runs are affordable, you get the best value for your money. More runs and less money make the Helipark New Zealand a “win win” deal for you!

3 reasons to choose Helipark New Zealand:

  1. Great accommodation with delicious food.
  2. Choose as many or as few runs as you want.
  3. Budget friendly way to try heliskiing or riding.