Himachal Helicopter Skiing

India: Kashmir

Experience exotic India and the thrill of heliskiing with the Himachal Helicopter Skiing trip for the ski trip of your life!

"A unique heliskiing skiing opportunity in nothern India"

Heliski in India with the expertise of helicopters, pilots and engineers from Switzerland where snow is a lifestyle. This unique skiing opportunity is located deep in exciting India in the northernmost province: Himachal Pradesh. Because Himachal Pradesh is 500 kilometers north of New Delhi and near Manali, there is easy international access via a 90 minute-flight to Kulli.

Even your journey by road from Kulli to Manali, where your heliski adventure will begins, is an exciting highlight of the trip. Along the way you’ll see enchanting villages and orchards, plus colorful Hindu Temples and terraced barley fields.

"The culture and adventure trip of a lifetime"

The Himachal Helicopter Skiing Package is more than just a ski trip; it’s an adventure into another world. You’ll enjoy rich local culture, great food, and comfortable lodging during this unique trip. You might also stop in New Delhi or visit the Taj Mahal as part of your vacation.

Most people choose the Himalayan Odyssey week which includes over 30,500 vertical miles of heliskiing, all meals, transfers, and lodging. Are you ready for the culture and adventure trip of a lifetime? Book your trip for Himachal Helicopter Skiing now!

3 reasons to choose Himachal Helicopter Skiing:

  1. Exotic culture and beautiful locations.
  2. Himachal Pradesh - the ultimate heli terrain & an incredibly interesting valley!
  3. Expert pilots from Switzerland.