Hotel Atlantis Dunapark

Canary Islands, Spain: Fuerteventura North Coast

Hotel resort just 50 metres from Corralejo's white sandy bay, with spacious room accommodation and a choice of reefs and points in close proximity.

"Fuerteventura offers travelling surfers a comfortable trip"

This hotel resort places you just 50 metres from Fuerteventura's Corralejo sandy bay where the spectacular white beaches suggest something rather more far-flung than a European destination. Culturally rich Fuerteventura, the least developed of the Canary Islands, offers travelling surfers a familiar and comfortable European influenced trip with something of the exotic thrown into the mix.

"Spacious rooms with plenty of surf close-by"

Accommodation is offered in spacious rooms and, with plenty of surf within close proximity, the Hotel Atlantis Dunapark makes a great base for more independent minded surfers. It’s a good choice for couples and families too. When your surfing day is done or in between the wave-riding hours, wander in the sunshine, wine and dine, shop 'til you drop, enjoy a wide range of water sports facilities or simply relax round the pool.

"Corralejo is the surf centre which is well known"

Corralejo is the surf centre for an area which is known in surfing circles as the 'North Shore' and, although it might not be directly comparable to its Hawaiian namesake, there is still surf aplenty up for grabs. Exposed reefs, sucking up the benefits of a 180° swell window, are liberally dotted around with some perfect rights and lefts on the menu to keep both regular-footed and goofies happy.

There are at present no surf packages offered by Hotel Atlantis Dunapark. However, surfers simply looking for a great base surrounded by consistent surfing opportunities - ranging from mellow, learning-friendly waves to those of the rather more challenging variety - will have found a great fit here.

4 reasons to choose Hotel Atlantis Dunapark:

  1. Hotel resort just 50 metres from the beach!
  2. Spacious rooms.
  3. Ideal for independent minded surfers!
  4. Situated in the heart of Fuerteventura's North Shore!