Surf all regions of the Maldives with an exclusive charter boat catering for smaller groups run by an operator with more than 22 years’ experience

"Enjoy the thrill and luxury of a live aboard surf charter"

Welcome aboard the Kethi; part of the largest fleet of boat of surf charters in the Maldives with over 22 years’ experience of cruising in the crystal clear warm waters of these beautiful atolls.

The Kethi is one of the largest boats in the fleet; it is well maintained, luxurious and offers enough privacy and space to make it perfect for small groups as well as families. It accommodates a minimum of 4 people which means you don’t need to get a large group together to enjoy the thrill and luxury of a live aboard surf charter – and you won’t have any strangers on board!

"More than 30 world class reef breaks that are rarely surfed"

The low noise heavy duty engine allows for access to all regions of the Maldives – from the consistent Northern Atolls with quality and better known breaks, the Central Atolls with more than 30 world class reef breaks that are rarely surfed  and finally to the Southern Atolls with some of the best (and uncrowded) conditions in the Maldives. The prime month to surf the Maldives are June and July (Northern and Central Atolls) or March, April and September to November for the Southern Atolls.

The surf guides are excellent and they will ensure that you maximise your time in the water.  The Kethi offers a surf yacht charter experience at the same price level as larger boats but offers higher levels of professional service and efficient operations to ensure that you can fully enjoy the unique experience that is surfing in the Maldives.

3 reasons to choose Kethi:

  1. Starts with only 4 people.
  2. Flexible dates.
  3. Access all regions of the Maldives!