Kima Surf Camp Canggu

Indonesia: Bali

Different options to suite every taste and budget. 5 surf breaks for all levels within a 2-10 minute walk. All surf services available.

Kima Specials

Our Bali Surf Camps and Surfaris shouldn’t leave any wish unfulfilled, but our specials even top these - they’re the crème de la crème.

Basically speaking, a three-week surfing adventure is something fantastic, but if you want the ultimate kick and your own personal highlight, then you've come to the right place. No matter if it's competent tuition for beginners you're looking for or a trip to other islands in the archipelago. Or maybe you want your own surfing clip or a custom shape surfboard? How about learning to dive?


Beach Day Trip

Free Special

Every Sunday we offer Beach Day Trips with a driver to Bali’s best beaches. We’ll take you to Bali’s coolest surf beaches, e.g. Dreamland, Uluwatu or Balangan, where you can bask in the sun to your heart’s content or surf the perfect waves. Ideal for anyone who can’t get enough of sun, sea and surf.

The beach day trips are included in the camp price.


Learn to Surf

With the international licensed Rip Curl School of Surf, we offer qualified tuition for the rookies. Our special recipe is "first the basics and then move on to learning by doing" - one sure way of getting hooked on surfing. The Learn to Surf Package consists of three days' Surf School, where you'll learn the basics, such as paddling, turning your board and techniques to get you back on your feet. The Learn to Surf Package is the ideal way to connect into our guided tours.  

The 3-day Learn to Surf Package contains:

  • 3 days à 2 hours “School of Surf”
  • Training in small groups with individual supervision
  • Transfer, equipment, sunscreen and water
  • Price: 3 days: 99 EUR


Lembongan Boat Special

Enjoy a few days boat trip feeling on our floating hotel, the yacht “Paus”, which is anchored in the picturesque bay of Lembongan, a small island south-east of Bali. The three perfect island point breaks and other spots also suitable for beginners break here within eyeshot, only a short dinghy ride away. Lazy Lembongan is the place for relaxed surfing, chilling out, fishing, snorkelling, diving, gambling, painting, whatever - or maybe even just finishing that book you've always meant to read.

The perfect setting, crystal-clear corals in the bay's turquoise waters and the volcano silhouette of Bali..... well, what more can you ask for?

Drinks, snacks and meals are available on board at reasonable prices.

The 3-day Lembongan Boat Special includes:

  • harbour and hotel transfer
  • return speedboat/Shuttle to Lembongan
  • accommodation on board of the “Paus“
  • breakfast
  • surf guiding
  • spotshuttle with the dinghy
  • snorkel trip to the neighboring Penida Island
  • dinghy transfer to the coast
  • Price: 149 Euro/person (189 Euro if booked outside the Surf Camp)

Snacks, Drinks and meals are available on board for reasonable prices


Custom Board

Get Ya Private Stick

Our experienced shapers manufacture custom made surfboards exclusively for our Surf Camp participants. The boards can be ordered according to individual wishes (size, weight, surf level, dimensions required) in various colours and designs. If you like, all boards come with an ESS board bag. If you have your own special wishes as to the design, let us know in advance. Special Kima discount on fins, leashes and foot pads.

  • Price: starting at 339 Euro


Standup Paddle

Originally stand up paddling was just an easy way for surf instructors on Hawaii to get back and fore from the shore to the reefs using a paddle. In the meantime stand up paddling has become a trend sport with more and more fans – the perfect combination of fitness and fun. Kima Surf Camps will make you not quite walking on water, but with your own instructor standing up and paddling over the ocean and riding your first wave on your stand up board.


  • Hotel transfers
  • equipment
  • drinking water
  • 3x 2h lesson for all levels
  • Price: 129 Euro / 3 day course


Wake Boarding

In Bali quite rare, but just in case the waves happen to be too small, our wake boarding Special is just the job. We’ll take you out to sea with our power boat and guarantee you a “fast start” straight from the water. We’ll show you all the tricks from Bunny Hop to Indie Aerial.


  • Hotel transfers
  • equipment
  • drinking water
  • 3x 1h lesson
  • Price: 199 Euro / 3 day course


Kite Surfing

If you’ve always wanted to try out kite surfing, your Kima Surfari is the perfect opportunity. Our Camps are not far to the best kite spots in Bali. We’ll show you the techniques you need to get into the swing of things 6 m above the water - adrenaline rush guaranteed. Flying is hard, landing is harder.


  • Hotel transfers
  • equipment
  • drinking water
  • 3x 2h lesson
  • Price: 215 Euro / 3 day course


Private Surf Guiding

Discover all Bali’s waves with your own private surf guide. Individually tailored to your preferences and level you can set off with your mates (max. 4 persons) and hit all the surf spots Bali has to offer. Our experienced guide is there for you 8 hours a day – inclusive.


  • Hotel pick up in Bali
  • Transfer to the surf spots
  • Spot instruction
  • Coaching in water
  • Car incl. fuel
  • Price: 79 Euro/day (max. 4 persons)


Intensive Surf Coaching

Kima Surf Camps Bali offer private surf coaching for every level. During a two-hour intensive session with an experienced guide and photographer you can improve your surf style on the whole and maybe even learn the odd trick. The surf guide will be with you in the water to give you general tips and advise you on wave selection and manoeuvring. The entire session will be filmed and photos taken so that afterwards during the video analysis you have the chance of recognising your own mistakes or weaknesses, and you’ll get advice on how to avoid these in future. The best waves and moments are recorded and available for you on CD.


  • Spot transfer
  • Spot instruction & intensive one-to-one coaching
  • 2h surf session
  • Video coaching plus analysis
  • Hire board inclusive
  • Photo session
  • Price: 79 Euro/person


Culture and Sport Trips

Our sport and culture trips will take you to the island’s interior, far from the fantastic Bali beaches. Trekking tours on Bali’s mystic volcano Gunung Agung, tree top climbing at 30 metres or excursions to the heart of Bali’s culture: Kima Surf Camps and Surfaris have something to suit everyone.


Tree Top Climbing & Botanic Garden Tour

Make your way through the tree tops, from tree to tree and platform to platform. Experience Bali and its flora and fauna from an altitude of 30 m and get a real kick abseiling your way down. This is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels.

Tour package

Transport to Tree Top Park – entrance into the Bedugul Botanic Garden – return to Surf Camp
Drinks and snacks can be had en route at reasonable prices.

  • Price: 39 Euro/person
  • Price min. 2 persons: 32 Euro / person


Bali Three Temple Tour (Goa Lawa, Goa Gajah, Pura Besakih)

Kima Surf Camps organise tours to Bali’s three most important Hindu temples. Goa Lawa is not only of architectural interest but also has the impressive caves with their flying foxes. The Goa Gajah Temple is home to the mystic elephant’s cave. Pura Besakih is the mother of all Balinese temples on the south-western slope of the Gunung Agung volcano. The portal of the main temple is absolutely breathtaking. And en route you’ll get fascinating impressions of Bali’s famous rice  paddies.

Tour package

  • Transport to all 3 temples – entrance into the temples – return to Surf Camp
  • Drinks and snacks can be had en route at reasonable prices. 
  • Price: 39 Euro/person (minimum 2 people)


Volcano trekking tour (April - October)

Our Surf Camp trekking tour to the Gunung Agung volcano, which last erupted in 1963, offers the ideal sports offset to your week’s surfing. Take off with Kima Bali Surf Camps on a challenging Bali’s vulcano crest at more than 3100m.

Alternatively, you also can do a trekking tour on the smaller Mount Batur which is far easier.
Sturdy shoes are a must!

Tour package

  • Transport to Gunung Agung
  • snacks & water during the tour
  • trekking tour with torches
  • provisions en route
  • return to Surf Camp
  • Price: 59 Euro/person (49 Euro/person as of 3 people)


Scuba Dive

If you’re also interested in what’s going on underneath your surf board you can check out Bali’s underwater world with our diving coaches. You’ll be picked up and taken back to Kima. The coral reefs in the Blue Lagoon at Padang Bai are fascinating with their blaze of colours and diversity of species. The wreck of USAT Liberty, a US marine freight ship sunk in 1942 by a Japanese submarine is living history. Manta Point, Shark Point or the Mola Mola Bai are other countless diving spots off Bali.

For more information and prices contact LineUpEXplorers directly.



If you want to file on your surf skills but don’t want to leave the offspring with your mother-in-law at home, Kima Surf Camps Bali have the right solution for you and your family. Just leave the little bounder or darling diva with us. Our experienced child minders ensure your kids are ideally cared for, we take all your wishes into consideration (food preferences, activities etc.) and guarantee you a peace of mind when surfing or doing other activities.

For more information and prices contact LineUpEXplorers directly.