Kima Surf Camp Canggu

Indonesia: Bali

Different options to suite every taste and budget. 5 surf breaks for all levels within a 2-10 minute walk. All surf services available.



Our half-board option is a bargain that you can book additionally for a small fee. Aside from our included breakfast you can order a 2-course menu every day after 5:30 p.m. You can choose a starter or main course and a dessert from our diversified menu, consisting of local and western food. Furthermore, our internationally experienced chef offers daily specials and will happily cater for dinner parties or BBQ nights.”


Breakfast included

Our included breakfast is available from 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. On the menu you will find different kinds of breakfast options from which you can choose. Your breakfast could look like this: toast with fried eggs, fruit salad, pancake, raw veggie cuts with dip, watermelon juice, tea and coffee. In case you attend an early morning session you can order a take-away breakfast on the evening before

Indo food

The cost of living on Bali is extremely low. A healthy and filling meal (fish including a side dish) will cost around 3 €!! There are lots of local cuisine restaurants near the hotel.  The obligatory evening beer on the beach is likely to be the most expensive thing on the menu of healthy indo food. Fruit salads or nasi or mie goring can be had for 1 € even on the most remote beaches.

Western food

In Seminyak there are plenty of restaurants which cater for the western palate. You'll find all sorts of food: German, Italian, Japanese, Greek, or Brazilian, plus of course international fast food chains.