Kima Surf Camp Seminyak

Indonesia: Bali

Tropical set up directly in Seminyak with a short walk to beach breaks. Perfect place for the off season and east coast exploration

Low Pressure’s Stormrider Surf Guide says

Bali is “The island of 1000 temples” which the locals believe is blessed by the gods. The gods certainly have blessed the local surfers, because they live in a perfect tropical surf paradise. Although 30 years of tourism has drastically transformed the landscape and the line-ups, Bali remains an essential surfing experience. There is no denying the quality and quantity of its surf, particularly if you include the legendary long lefts of Grajagan, a short boat ride away on the eastern tip of Java. SW swells wrapping consistent lines around the Bukit Peninsula into straight offshore winds create a list of world class lefts, including Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Bingin and Kuta Reef. Add to these the quality beachbreaks of Kuta and Legian, plus the east side rights of Nusa Dua, Sanur and Shipwrecks on Nusa Lembongan, then it becomes obvious that Bali is a feast for travelling surfers.

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Here is a short summary of our favourite spots on Bali. This is just to whet your appetite and give you an overview of the surf locations we will be heading for. This way, you can decide whether you really want to go to Padang Padang, or maybe prefer to stay at Kuta Beach. On Bali there's the right wave for every surf level and many of these were insider tips up until a few years ago. And some still are ...


Batu Bolong

One of our home breaks on your doorstep. The left- and right-handers are ideal for perfecting your take-offs and riding! One of Bali’s longest waves over a mixture of sand, stone and lava. Best place for beginners and intermediates on big or small days.


Old Man

Our second home break. The first thing you’ll see when you wake up in the morning: a clearly defined A-frame over a mixture of sand, stone and lava. Perfect for beginners and intermediates, no matter the conditions.



Our third home break, depending on the swell suitable for intermediate and advanced surfers. Powerful right-and left-handers over the reef, with the odd barrel.



A well-known semi-reef break breaking on a mixture of sand, stone and lava. If you want to ride the perfect wave with the pro’s this is place for you. Very early in the morning before the wind gets up, you can find wonderful breakers at this remote spot, and even the odd barrel. Advanced surfers certainly get their money’s worth here.



This spot to the south of the island is one of the best known spots and really is what surf dreams are made of! To get to the 5 peaks you have to go down through a cave and have some experience. The current and strength of this spot is often underestimated. For the more advanced surfer with the necessary paddle power Uluwatu is simply a dream! However, on very small surf days even beginners (with a guide) can head for the water.



Here are the breakers for both advanced surfers and beginners.
The beach break on big days is perfect for beginners because the waves break further out and the white water turns into a running wave on its way to the beach. The peak is an A-frame suitable for intermediates and advanced. The left-hander is a fast, long wave about 50-80 m, ending in a close out, the right-hander is shorter, although it phases out. The water depth at this spot makes it okay for learners with some experience even on very big days.



What more can you say about Padang-Padang: Bali’s pipeline. As an extremely experienced surfer, you can find Bali’s wildest waves over razor-sharp reef.



Is a spot that always looks better than it actually is (to surf): Fast, tubes and on very good days really long. If bottom turn and speed are no problem for you, then this is the spot for you, especially because it's often empty.



Is a very short hollow tube machine. This one-time secret spot is now well-known so that there are always more surfers who want to ride the perfect tubes. Bingin is a spot for very experienced surfers, not only because the reef is hard and the waves so fast, but also because the standard of the surfers here is very high.


Until 1995 hardly anyone surfed at Balangan because it couldn't be reached overland. In the mean time there's a private road to this spot which can be used for a small fee. Balangan is a fast, long left-hander, where tube rides are possible if the swell’s right. Surfing’s possible even on small days and at almost all tides.



This spot is right next to the runway at Ngura Rei International Airport Denpasar. A reef break for experts, often empty, because you can only reach this spot by boat, which can be hired at Kuta Beach.



Similar to Airport-Rights, only on the other side of the runway.
However, it’s often busy.



A left-hander with a lot of space  between you and the reef - 50-80 m long rides, ending in a close out.


No Name 

This isn't really a proper spot, the point break between Middles and Kuta Reef is only any good with big swell. However, suitable for beginners and intermediates

Kuta Reef

The most famous reef break in Bali! And you'll notice this when you're on your way there by boat at 6 in the morning and there are already 20 surfers out there!!! But on some days that doesn't really matter because, once the wave is rolling well, there's enough room and wave for 30 surfers. Rides 50-100 m long in deep water. For beginners and advanced.


Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is one of the best and most powerful beach breaks in the world! 6 km of beach with various attractive peaks. This is the perfect place for beginners to "find their feet". Here the more advanced surfer can improve his style and is sure to learn a thing or two.


Uunknown Area

On the way north there are lots of peaks worth the adventure to find them. If the swell is good you can find many good and guaranteed empty waves along the Java transit stretch to Balian.


Bali's longest wave, a lefthander point break over rounded rocks.
The wave is not so steep or hollow, but perfect for learning a cut-back or speed since the wave's low speed easily forgives beginners' mistakes



Being a bit remote, this is rarely visited and only a few surfers find their way here from the southern tip of the island where the most world-class waves are. But if you happen to be in the area, you should certainly take a look at one of the most enormous semi-beach breaks of the island.

Indo: the World’s best waves?

In its October 2000 edition the Australian magazine TRACKS published a list of the 100 best waves in the world. 17 of these spots were in Indonesia, which is an unbelievable 17%.

1. Desert Point (go with Surf Camp)
3. G-Land (go with Surf Camp
10. Padang Padang (go with Surf Camp
12. HT'S
15. Macaronis
31. Nias
33. Lakey Peak (go with Surf Camp
34. One Palm Point
35. Uluwatu (go with Surf Camp
37. Scar Reef (go with Surf Camp
40. Panaitan Island
44. Periscopes (go with Surf Camp
45. Asu
59. Bawa
68. Canggu (go with Surf Camp
93. Kuta Beach (go with Surf Camp
100. Lances Left

  • There are lots of waves and even more surfers! That's why many surfers keep quiet  when it comes to what they know about waves - where, when, etc.
  • With this spot guide we want to whet your appetite but not disclose too many of our surf paradise secrets.


What we want to do is make sure you have an absolutely fantastic  holiday, but we can't do everything for you. Bali is a beautiful island, with an enormous wealth in culture, nature and mysticism and of course the perfect waves - you simply have to experience and explore all this for yourself. Keep your eyes open and always be open for a new experience and you'll soon see that Bali really is a paradise and you'll understand why we’ve come to call it home.