Kima Surf Padang Padang

Indonesia: Bali

Very professionally operated surf camp within close driving distance of Bali's Bukit Peninsular Surf Breaks offering accommodation options for all tastes and budgets.

"Upper accommodation offers private and exclusive villas"

If you are surfer who likes things to go smoothly and easily then the very professionally operated Kima Surf Camp in Bali could be a great choice which leaves you free to concentrate purely on your surfing.

Kima Surf Camp offer their guests a variety of different accommodation types to choose from which are tailored to cater for every taste and budget so, no matter what your personal preferences, you are likely to find something to suit. The value for money end provides dormitory rooms which would suit surfers who are happy to mingle and socialise. The upper end accommodation offers private and exclusive villas which are ideal for couples.

"Situated close to surf breaks of Bali's Bukit Peninsular"

At Kima Surf Camp you are conveniently situated within close driving distance of the major breaks of Bali's Bukit Peninsular. This area features what is arguably the most famous wave in Bali – the left hander coral reef break known as Uluwatu with its often written about cave entry. There are many other reef breaks situated here ranging from the challenging to the pro and kamikaze suited only. The names of many of these breaks will be highly familiar to those belonging to the world of surfing.

The packages offered by Kima Surf Camp provide the possibility of having all the major services you might associate with a professional surf camp such as airport transfers, surf guiding, lessons and equipment rental. The packages on offer are designed to meet the needs of surfers of every budget.

This would be a good choice if you are looking for a smooth surf camp option in Bali with a range of accommodation types to choose from.

3 reasons to choose Kima Surf Camp Pedang Pedang:

  1. Very professionally operated.
  2. Different accommodation types from dorm to exclusive villa!
  3. Close driving to major breaks of the Bukit Peninsular!