Kima Surf Turtle Island

Indonesia: Bali

Expert surf guiding away from the crowds. Surf up to 14 different breaks in a week, and enjoy one of Bali’s best waves right on your doorstep. Relaxed area, great waves.


Food & drink

Our restaurant at the Serangan Hotel is open from 7 am to 11 pm and offers various international and local dishes created by our experienced chef. Daily breakfast included Our delicious breakfast options – plus an upgrade to deluxe breakfast – are available from 7 to 12 am. Free tea and coffee is available every day until 6 pm.

Standard breakfast

Included in the camp price is our standard breakfast with a choice of fresh fruit juices, starters like fruit salads or pancakes, and main courses such as eggs of any style or fried noodles.

Indo food

The cost of living on Bali is pretty low. A healthy and filling meal (e.g. fish with a side dish) will cost around 3 €. The obligatory evening beer on the beach is likely to be the most expensive thing on the healthy indo food menu. Fruit salads or Nasi or Mie Goreng (fried rice/noodles) can be had for under 2 €, even on the most remote beaches.

International food

In Bali, there are plenty of good restaurants with high-quality food that cater for western tastes. You’ll find all sorts of food: German, Persian, Italian, Japanese, Greek or Brazilian, plus international fast food chains, of course.