Lyngen Alps Skitouring above the polar circle


Descend steep, white slopes down to stunning blue waters and enjoy the beauty and adventure of Norway!

"Explore towering peaks from Tromso in Norway"

Far above the polar circle in Norway, you can explore the fjords and enjoy breathtaking views on the Lyngen Alps Ski Tour. This 7-day ski tour is based in the province of Troms where you’ll visit Tromso, the northernmost city in the world. From Tromso, towering peaks soar to 1,500 meters in the sky and beautiful views surround you.

Although skiing this far north in April means you’ll have to stay flexible to find the best conditions, some of the typical highlights include skiing on the island of Kagen and skiing the peaks above Grodfjord where the turquoise waters below and the sandy white shores are postcard-perfect.

Throughout the ski tour, you’ll spend your evenings in warm and inviting guesthouses, usually in small fishing villages before climbing in the van to head to your next skiing destination. 

"Skiing on the island of Kagen and above Grodfjord"

Because this ski tour includes uphill climbs of between 1,000 and 1,500 vertical meters per day and up to 5 hours per day, this trip is best for physically fit skiers who have experience with ski touring and can maintain good technique in all conditions. The 7-night Lyngen Alps Skitouring Above the Polar Circle trip includes accommodations in cozy chalets in Kopangen Brygger, 7 days of guided skiing with UIAGM guides, and all transfers.

The Lyngen Alps Skitouring trip is the perfect choice for skiers who want to enjoy the beauty and thrills of skiing at one of the northernmost points in the world!

4 reasons to choose Lyngen Alps Skitouring Above the Polar Circle:

  1. Ski in terrain that is a sharp contrast to typical mountains in Europe and North America.
  2. Enjoy beautiful views and touring small villages.
  3. Flexible itinerary to ensure you find the best conditions.
  4. Great choice for adventurous skiers who enjoy working hard and playing hard!