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Artificial Waves - can they ever compare to the real deal? Find out the score, how they work, and whether one is coming to near you!

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You can do an exotic surf trip on a shoe string budget, going fully feral out in the jungle and boiling drinking water to kill parasites, or you can go to the opposite end of the spectrum and relax in utter luxury on a Garden of Eden-esque island in the Indian Ocean....

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Wwwwuuuuuttt...??!! Take Shelter Productions just dropped the trailer for their new surf film Attractive Distractions and It. Is. Epic!

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Tag along on the ultimate playboy surf trip in the Maldives! Equipped with a seaplane and luxury yacht, the boys score empty waves and party in an underwater nightclub!

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What's going on in the Maldives? Despite recent changes to surf tourism regulations, some resorts still claim exclusive wave rights. Here's the lowdown on the current situation.

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Discover pumping waves, empty breaks and warm weather in the Algarve, one of Portugal's top surfing destinations. This is why YOU should surf Europe this year!

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Competition: If pumping beach breaks, warm weather and tasty food sound like your sorta thing, enter below for your chance to win a free surf trip to Portugal's Atlantic coast!

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Discover new alternatives to surf trips in Indonesia. Go on a boat trip beyond Bali and Mentawais to find truly uncrowded surf spots.

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Are you wondering if all the things you heard about Bali are true? It's magical, lively and full of great surf spots. If you want to know when to go to score - read on!

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Breaking News: Open access to Maldives surf breaks? Ministry of tourism makes major change to resort boundary regulations; private waves set to be free to surf!


Heliski with bighorn heliskiing

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Setting out for a snow holiday is like setting out for battle. Your soldiers need to be in high spirits (read: stoked), your armoury must...