Mahi-Mahi Bungalows and Boat Charters

Indonesia: Sumatra

Mahi Mahi allows you to choose the perfect trip: Switch it up from boat charter to the resort and enjoy all the thrills of surfing.

"Ideal white-sand surf resort in Indonesia"

Mahi-Mahi Bungalows is your ideal surf escape in Indonesia if you want to avoid crowded surf spots and busy beaches.

This white-sand resort for max. 28 people caters to all ages and retains a sense of privacy so you can relax and unwind in a peaceful haven. Stay in one of the five beachside bungalows featuring traditional design with a modern edge. Rooms are serviced daily and all meals are prepared on-site by chefs in the communal Joglo area.

"Discover the true beauty of Sumatra’s beaches"

There are 6 epic surf spots within 30 minutes of the resort but if you want to reach the ultimate Indo breaks then you’ll love the 42ft speed boat. This live-on-board beauty cruises at 20 knots which allows small groups or surfers, divers and fishers to escape the crowds and discover the true beauty of Sumatra’s lesser known beaches.

Each trip can be tailored to suit your needs and to maximise your surfing time. Packages include accommodation, all meals and drinking water, airport transfers and island travel, surf guiding and use of fishing equipment, dive gear and SUP.

If you want to ride world famous Indo breaks be sure not to miss this unique experience. Call the LUEX team today for more information and booking.

4 reasons to choose Mahi-Mahi Bungalows and Boat Charters:

  1. Beautiful and private beach resort.
  2. 42ft speed boat for charters to secret surf spots!
  3. Stunning surroundings and peaceful location.
  4. The ideal escape for adventure and exploration!