Medhufushi Island Resort

Maldives: Central Atolls

The most beautiful island in a remote part of the Maldives. Surf transfers can be organized to uncrowded waves nearby.

"Beautiful islands and consistent surf in the Maldives"

Wow – the Medhufushi Island Resort offers the real Maldives experience! Far away from crowds and busy areas, you can enjoy one of the most beautiful surf islands and consistent surf of the country.

The resort is in such a remote part of the Maldives that a sea plane is the only thing we have to get there. Enjoy a scenic 45 min flight overlooking the surf breaks you will be surfing during your stay. There couldn’t be a better start to your vacation. The resort offers full 5 star services for really affordable rates. No doubt  - it is one of the nicest surf islands in the Maldives.

Unfortunately everything good comes with a price. The sea plane company does not take surf boards over 8 feet and depending on the occupancy of the sea plane they do not guarantee to take the boards on the same flights as you are on. They may get delayed by a day. There are also no official surf transfers to the surf area from Medhufushi.

"Surf guide and boat will bring you to the waves every day"

However, in cooperation with the resort we have found a solution to such challenges. Together with a local company we can offer a surf guide and boat that will bring you to the surf every day. We have also found ways to get your boards down to the resort. The Medhufushi Island Resort is now a great option for surfing families, couples or small groups.

Just enjoy perfect tropical surf conditions without any crowds! Just send us an email and we will set up the perfect surf vacation for you!

3 reasons to choose the Medhufushi Surf Resort:

  1. The most beautiful island in a remote part of the Maldives!
  2. Uncrowded waves.
  3. 5 star standard for 4 star rates!