Moroccan Surf Adventures Explorer Tour


Unique adventures, unlimited surf and empty 1001 waves on this all inclusive Moroccan road trip.


Where is Moroccan Surf Adventures located?

Moroccan Surf Adventures is located in Tamraght in the Agadir region of southern Morocco. Tamraght is a unique village on Morocco’s Atlantic coast. Conveniently located 40 min from Agadir international airport and 2 kilometres from Taghazoute, it’s a short hop ( 2-4 hrs) from most central European cities. It’s the closest place for most European surfers looking for year round warm water, perfect waves and a unique cultural experience.

How do I get there?

Morocco is served by direct flights from the UK and other major European airports, with flight times to Agadir between 2-4 hours. Guests travelling from the US will need to connect either in Casablanca or at a European hub as there are no direct flights to Agadir. From Agadir airport it’s a 45 minute drive north west along the coast road. Road transfers from Marrakech can be easily arranged and the new motorway has dramatically cut the journey times down to 2 -3 hours at a cost of approximately £90 for 4 people. Please contact us if you would like us to arrange a transfer from Marrakech.

Do I need a visa?

EU passport holders with a passport that is valid for at least 6 months beyond your return date do not require a visa to enter Morocco for tourist purposes. If you hold a passport from outside the European Union we strongly recommend that you check with your nearest Moroccan Embassy.

How about cash? What is the currency? Where can I get it?

The Moroccan currency is the Dirham. Exchange rates as of July 2012 were around 13 dh to the British Pound, 11 dh to the Euro and 7.6dh to the US Dollar. Dirhams can only be obtained within Morocco.

There are exchange facilities and ATMs in the airport. There are also plenty of ATMs in Agadir. The closest ATM machine to Tamraght is Aourir, a two minute drive away. It is a good idea to inform your bank before you travel that you will be using your cards in Morocco.

Can I use my phone? Is there internet?

Nearly all networks work in Morocco and the coverage is excellent. There are also public phones. 

What boards and wetsuits should I bring?

Your choice of wetsuit comes down to personal preference and tolerance. The best all rounder is a 3/2mm full suit. Board shorts can be worn from May to October. Your everyday board from home will suffice and something you feel comfortable with on bigger days is a good idea.

Do you rent equipment?

Moroccan Surf Adventures have teamed up with various board shapers to offer you an extensive range of rental equipment. It’s a perfect opportunity to experiment with new shapes and/or leave your board at home without the hassle and cost of transporting them.

What about clothing, what will I need?

Morocco is a liberal Muslim country and men and women are welcome to wear shorts and t-shirts but please note  that it is advisable to cover up your arms and legs a bit when walking around town or visiting public places. Swimming costumes and bikinis are normal on the beach as are shorts, tees and flip flops. It is a good idea to bring trousers and jumpers/hoodies, particularly in mid winter when the evenings can be chilly.

Do you supply towels?

Bath towels are provided for your stay however you will need to bring a towel for the beach.

Do you cater for special diets?

We understand that some people have special requirements. Let us know in advance, and we’ll do our best to make sure we have exactly what you need. All guests should be aware that we are in Africa however and not all ‘specialized food alternatives’ are available. See here for more information on our food and chef.

What voltage and plugs do you use?

Morocco is on 220 volts with two-pin round plugs.

Arrival and departure details

You can arrive at any time in Agadir and one of our representatives will be there to meet you. We can also arrange your transport to and from Marrakech if needed. (bus or taxi)

Medical information

No vaccinations are required for visitors to Morocco and anti-malarial precautions are not necessary. We have first aid equipment along with staff trained in administering first aid. In case of an emergency, there are hospitals and clinics in Agadir. Medical charges will apply according to the treatment received so make sure you have travel insurance before you arrive. There is a well stocked pharmacy in Aourir which is open everyday.