MV Crown


Looking to surf the perfect waves without crowds? MV Crown Maldives is offering you exactly what you’re looking for with the highest level of service and comfort.

“Enjoy your holidays on a luxurious yacht”

The MV Crown is offering a luxurious trip through the paradise of the Maldives with everything you need. The 50m yacht is equipped with a large wooden deck, dining area, SPA and 9 bedrooms for up to 18 guests. You will experience the highest standard of service and interior design while cruising to the best surf spots of the Meldives!

“Design your trip just as you wish”

The crew will organise everything just as you want it and help you to have the perfect getaway. This trip is about the pleasure of quality waves and empty line ups but you can also also go scuba diving and have a laid back holiday with a view on turquoise water. Grab your board anytime and live the dream of every passionate surfer in this adventureland of world class reef breaks, cristal clear tropical waters and no crowds.

3 reasons to choose MV Crown:

  1. Spacious luxury yacht
  2. Highest service level
  3. Customize the trip to your wishes