Nautilus Hotel Costa Rica

Costa Rica: Golfo de Nicoya

Luxury eco-friendly surf resort offering finest quality villa accommodation with your holiday home break within 3 minutes' walk and surf guiding possible.

"Central American option on the country's Pacific coast"

Surfers looking for a bit of comfort as well as wanting to keep a clear conscience might like the eco-friendly luxury resort offered by Nautilus Hotel Costa Rica. This Central American option on the country's Pacific coast would be a good fit for surfing honeymooners, families, yogis or .......well.... just surfers of any description really.

"Quality eco-friendly villas, so you can enjoy the surf trip"

Your Nautilus Hotel accommodation comes in the form of 1- and 2-bedroom villas which are complete with just about everything you could ask for. All of the finest quality villas are eco-friendly which means you can enjoy your surf trip safe in the knowledge that your environmental impact is kept to a minimum.

"The super consistent waves of Santa Teresa"

Just 3 minutes of walking will bring you to the super consistent break of Santa Teresa. This beach break of fun right and left handers is considered by many in the surfing fraternity to be a world class break which can get hollow, powerful and fast when the conditions are right.

There are more spots in the region which can be accessed with your Nautilus Hotel guides.

Quite what the package offered by Nautilus Hotel includes will be dependent on your own choice but options include accommodation, meal provision which can be bed and breakfast alone or all meals, surf guiding and/or classes and transfers.

Nautilus Hotel Costa Rica would make a good choice if you consider yourself a green surfer and are looking for the comfort and ease provided by luxury accommodation, particularly if you are searching for a great surfing honeymoon.

5 reasons to choose Nautilus Hotel Costa Rica:

  1. Eco-friendly luxury resort!
  2. Fully equipped 1- and 2-bedroom villas!
  3. 3 minutes' walk to a super consistent break.
  4. Surf guiding possible.
  5. Range of packages which include various meal arrangements.