PER AQUUM Niyama Surf Resort

Maldives: Central Atolls

Fresh design 5+ star resort, situated off the beaten track, offering unique resort facilities with high quality breaks and uncrowded waves within easy reach.

June SUP trip by Nick on June 21, 2015
There are a lot of great elements to this resort. Overall I think it is totally worth the price - you really do get an incredible experience. The resort has more than 150 suites - but there is a lot of space. You are lent bicycles if you want them or you can be driven around in a golf cart style electric vehicle.

1. The team

Led by DiDi, the resort manager the whole place runs super smoothly and with good humour. We were there in a quiet period - so less than 50% full - but the thought and attention to detail were excellent. If there is anything reasonable you want - then the team will organise it for you.

You are allocated your own Thakaru - who in British terms is like a very friendly butler. He is the central point of your stay and you chat to him and he makes things happen. Our Thakaru - Milo (though his real name is Hashim) was available 24 hours a day and was awesome at making things happen. There are plenty of activities and the child care facilities programme looks amazing though we didn't test it.

Where ever you go in the resort the team are friendly, polite and can't wait to help you. It was also great that they remembered what you liked from previous visits to a restaurant. The team in the Spa were super friendly and the massage team very well trained and very strong - which was perfect for an after surf massage.

The food

The Australian head chef - Geoff - does an amazing job of making the seven restaurants and a deli work so well with a huge variety of genuinely different foods. There are two beach clubs - with pools and loungers - one on each island. There is a great asian restaurant in the trees called Nest - which is worth going to just to see the six storey high Thai designed and built egg shaped structures one of which has a huge industrial fan in. There is also a great restaurant called Tribal - staffed by a team from Africa - which probably has the greatest variety - the locally caught grilled black cod was delicious. Then there are the restaurants and bars out on the reef which you get to by complementary boat which runs every 30 minutes. Edge is the overwater restaurant and bar and Subsix the underwater restaurant and bar. It was really wonderful to watch the sun go down from Edge. The underwater restaurant and bar are a huge novelty and fun to spend some time in.

The accommodation

Just about perfect for holiday accommodation - really cool outdoor bath room, very clean pool and access to the beach. There are something like ten varieties of accommodation ranging from one bed beach suites to three bed room houses and of course there are over water options. The suite we had was 22 - which had a pool and was very private - being surrounded by natural foliage.

The watersports

The watersports are run by a separate company and the Manager Enrique is a relaxed friendly Argentinian guy. The team are very knowledgeable about the area and offer

Windsurfing (but don't come to the Maldives for the wind!) Sails are Neil Pryde 7.2 and smaller to kiddy rigs and 120 to 180 litre JP Boards.
Paddle boarding
Surfboards to rent
Two catamarans
Waterski and wakeboarding
Sea bobs
ParaSailing - a parachute towed by a boat.

The Surf

In seven days - we got seven days of good surf - meaning head high or better on the break on the south east tip of the island just to the west of the resort a ten minute boat ride away. On many days we did morning and afternoon trips of a couple of hours in the water. Surf safaris also stop for the surf there and so it was sometimes quite busy but the waves were wonderful. The trips are $150 a pop - but drop to $100 a trip if you do five or more. Not cheap but the Luex website was very clear about the cost. It was worth it.

Check out Surf Dhaalu Maldives on Facebook for more photos of the surf.

There is a spot on the South West tip of the Niyama islands - you need shoes to enter the water and you need to be careful not to be washed up on the reef. I understand it can work really well - but it didn't while we were there.
Value for Money
Surfing or Skiing/Snowboarding

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