Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp

Portugal: Peniche

The Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp offers affordable accommodation with a super social atmosphere only two minutes from the famous long left hand Lagido reef break.


Are you open all year long?
Which nationalities visit you the most?
-We have clients from all over the world.
Will we be having night life? 
-Yes. There are several bars and discos at Baleal where you can have a great time at night.
What should we bring with us?
-Besides your personal stuff, you should bring:

some warm clothes (coat, jeans, sweaters, long sleeves,…). The temperature can drop in the evening.
Hat and sunglasses;
Beach towel;
Swimsuit to wear underneath the wetsuit;
Ear protection for the water in case you suffer from it.
Is there a minimum age?
-No, but if you’re under 18 years we will need a written authorization from your parents.

Do you provide bed linens and blankets?
-Yes, bed linens, blankets and towels.
What choices of accommodation do we have?
-You can choose between shared accommodation, private apartments and/or the beach house. 
How many people fit in an apartment/bedroom?
-We have apartments for 6, 4 and 2 people. We have also bedrooms for 4 and 2 people. We try to accommodate everyone in the best possible way, that is, keeping people from the same group of friends together and also we avoid accommodating people from different genders in the same room.
Is it possible to book accommodation and lessons for myself and only accommodation for my friend who visits me?
Is food included in the price?
-No, all our apartments have kitchens totally prepared for cooking. There are also several restaurants and mini markets near the Surf Camp. We also arrange two BBQ’s per week. If you happen to be in a group of 5 or more person we can then arrange to have your daily meals prepared.

On what days can you get surfing lessons?
-Classes are usually from Monday to Friday, but we also have classes on week-ends.
Do you give private lessons?
-Yes, we have private lessons, but only if we have one of the monitors available.
How many hours a day are you in the water if you take lessons?
-Three hours.
Is there a minimum number of people for the surf lessons?
-There isn't a minimum!
Can you only take classes?
Can I just rent material?
What is the level of surfing in Peniche?
-Because of the number of different surf spots, there is place for all levels of surfing.
Is Peniche is a good place to surf?
-Peniche is considered the most consistent surf spot in Portugal. It has many different breaks for beginners and advanced surfers. The most famous wave is SuperTubos. Peniche is a real surf town
What is the water temperature?
-In January and February a 4/3mm is required, the rest of the year the water temperature is around 17 degrees. A 3/2 is then advised. In July and August the water temperature can reach 20 degrees.

Extra Information/ Policies


  • If the customer books more than one day of classes he is expected to have classes on each following day. If you don't want to have classes on a specific day, you should inform the reception 24 hours in advance.
  • Customers must follow the instructions of their teachers. Always observe the safety rules.
  • If the client does not show up for the surf lessons Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp will not replace, nor refund a lesson.
  • Do not forget to sign the safety agreement
  • Do not be late for class.
  • You are responsible for your surfing gear. It should be kept clean.
  • The equipment is only for use during the classes. If you want to use  equipment outside the lesson hours, you have to rent it.
  • Bring your beach towel, wallet or food to eat between sessions of classes.
  • At night do not leave your surf equipment in the street, but take it inside.
  • Always wash your equipment after a lesson in the washing area of the Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp.

Rental Policy

  • Identity card or passport.
  • All equipment is checked by our staff to ensure that the equipment is in good condition.
  • Please note that you are financially and personally responsible for the rented equipment during the rental period.
  • Hours of rental: Winter from 9:00 until 20:00. Summer from 8:00 until 22:00.
  • If you wish to have material at your house, you must leave a deposit of 300 Euros which will be refunded when you deliver the equipment in good condition!
  • The material must be returned each day in a good condition: bikes, wetsuit and surfboard should be washed and cleaned.



  • Children under 2 years have free accommodation;
  • Children up to the age of 12 years old pay only 50% at Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp.



  • Groups must make a deposit of 50€ per person upon arrival to cover for any damages that may occur to the property of Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp. This deposit is returned in case of no damages. More than 4 people is considered a group.


Accommodation Rules

  • Check-in is at 14:00 and check-out is until 12:00 (if you sleep in and happen to stay after 12:00 you will be charged and extra day)
  • Checking-in is possible at any time after 14:00 as long as the client informs us about the arrival time.


  • Dogs and any other animals/pets are only allowed at private accommodations;
  • A fee of 9,00€ per night will be charged per animal/pet;
  • The client must keep the animal/pet on the line at all times within Ocean Ferrel Surf Camp’s property;
  • The client is also responsible for the cleaning and any damages his animal/pet may cause.


To all of those in shared accommodation

  • Wash your dishes after you’ve used them;
  • No noise after 23:00
  • Respect your roommate/s;
  • Always deliver your room key at reception;
  • Keep your personal belongings in the safe;
  • Close your room.


To all of those in private accommodation

  • The outside area next to reception is for you to use;
  • If you run out of hot water please inform reception; We will change the gas bottle for you;
  • Respect your neighbors, you’re not alone;
  • You should leave the house clean, if you don’t clean the house according to the rules, an extra cleaning fee may be charged.




Raffaele Vigano' wrote on 1/8/2011:

The experience at the camp has been fabolous! Rui and Pedro have been really nice with all of us and we had a great time in Peniche with them! We were beginners and lessons have been very useful for us to understand the philosophy of surf and to start surfing... apartments are really nice, new and clean, and also the atmosphere in the camp has been absolutely friendly and nice! We really look forward to come back to Peniche and spend some other great days there! Ate' logo! Porque surf "is a state of mind"!

Country: Italy


Paulo Morais wrote on 12/13/2010: 

The surfcamp is amazing, cosy, friendly, clean, and very close to all the surf spots. The crew is amazing also, always free to help. Truly recomend. The surf itself, is awesome. Cheers

Country: Portugal


Mike Chandler wrote on 12/5/2010:

I had a great surf and the surfcamp was what I expected. Friendly and close to the surf spots. Will come back for sure.

Country: Australia