Piha Eco Sanctuary

New Zealand: North Land

Set amongst the peaceful forest of Piha, New Zealand, this eco sanctuary offers the healing combination of epic surf and simple living.

"Yoga classes and access to world-class waves"

Whether you are looking to detoxify, decompress, or simply discover a new paradise, Piha Eco Sanctuary fits the bill. Focused on holistic health and organic living, this
resort offers yoga classes, eco-conscious living, and easy access to world-class waves in a breathtaking corner of New Zealand.

"Piha Beach enjoys consistent swells and beach breaks"

With one main lodge and three tranquil eco units, this resort is set in a magnificent forest amidst rambling streams and singing birds. A five-minute walk from scenic
Piha Beach (which houses a number of quality beach break setups), Piha Eco Sanctuary is conveniently located to facilitate both peaceful seclusion and easy surf
access. Located on the west coast of New Zealand’s North Island, Piha Beach enjoys consistent swells and hollow beach breaks over pristine black sand beaches. With
nearby surf schools and a variety of waves, Piha is a great place to learn to surf, but also has quality waves for intermediate and advanced surfers.

For healthy living, epic waves, and the serenity of nature, you can’t do much better than Piha. Get in touch today for our latest rates and availability.

3 reasons to choose Piha Eco Sanctuary:

  1. Five-minute walk from legendary Piha Beach!
  2. Healthy organic food and juice cleanses.
  3. Yoga classes.Waves for all levels of surfers!