Real Surf Trips

Costa Rica: Guanacaste

First-class Western style accommodation offered in Playa Negra with private pool which offers surf guiding to world-class quality breaks.

"Central American surf base places you near quality waves"

Surfers looking to seriously add to their 'waves ridden' list might find the surf resort of Real Surf Trips, situated in pristine Playa Negra in Costa Rica, a great match. While Real Surf Trips cater to all levels of surfer, the real deals here are those packages which offer surf guiding. This Central American surf base will place you in an area which offers 17 waves within a 5 mile radius including waves of world-class quality.

"First-class Western style accommodation and private pool"

During your stay with Real Surf Trips you will be able to enjoy first-class Western style accommodation. You also have the use of a private pool where you can top up your tan or take some relaxation time-out. If you suddenly find yourself in need of an ice-cold beer, no problem. Just take a cooling dip in the pool and order one at the swim-up bar.

Real Surf Trips surf resort offers you a retreat for those non-ocean times when you are not out there scoring yourself some epic rides.

"Surfers' package offers surf guiding and Witch's Rock trip"

The 17 waves within a 5 mile radius give you a wide variety of breaks to choose from. With such a choice on offer you can be sure your surf addiction daily quota will be satisfied no matter what type of break or conditions are your favourites. Here you will find beach breaks, reefs, outer reefs, points, river-mouths and sand bars, picking up both north and south swells, producing waves which range from the fun through to the kamikaze only category.

Real Surf Trips offers a surfers' package and a beginners' package. The beginners' package will set you off nicely on your wave riding, all enjoyed in paradise conditions. The surfers' package includes lots of surf guiding with the possibility of a trip to world-class Witch's Rock (Roca Bruja) – a fast, hollow and powerful river-mouth wave.

This would be a great choice if you are looking for a surf resort with first class accommodation which gives you the opportunity of exploring a host of waves with a surf guide.

4 reasons to choose Real Surf Trips:

  1. 17 waves within a 5 mile radius!
  2. First-class Western style accommodations!
  3. Private pool with swim-up bar!
  4. Surf guiding package on offer.