SASS Camps Bariloche Argentina


Epic snow and amazing culture combine to make the perfect skiing or snowboarding vacation in Bariloche, Argentina with a SASS Camp!

"SASS prides itself in offering the best of everything"

Wherever you live, heading to Argentina in July and August will be a welcome retreat and maybe a nice escape from the heat. Book a trip with SASS Camps in Bariloche, Argentina for a one of a kind trip.

SASS Camps are located in the beautiful lakeside ski town of Bariloche. At these amazing, all-inclusive camps, you will have the time of your life perfecting your skills and enjoying the best of Argentina. SASS prides itself in offering the best of everything. From the coaches and guest pros, to the accommodation and hospitality, a trip with SASS is going to be the best.

"Young-minded riders will love the SASS camps"

The wonderful Patagonian terrain you will ski or ride during your trip covers 1,500 acres or 3,000 including backcountry. You’ll be awestruck with the amazing vistas over snowcapped peaks and abundant lakes and fantastic terrain at the massive Catedral Resort.

Young-minded riders will love the SASS camps because you can shred as much as you want during the days, and then enjoy the extraordinary nightlife. Riders come from all over the world to enjoy the company of other young people who are looking for the times of their lives.

"Shred as much as you want then enjoy the nightlife"

In Bariloche you will enjoy epic snow and wonderful accommodation, but don’t forget to come prepared for the crazy night life and delicious food which includes a wonderful mix of Italian, German, and Argentine flavors.

3 reasons to choose SASS Camps Bariloche Argentina:

  1. Located in beautiful lakeside Bariloche.
  2. Epic skiing or riding!
  3. Amazing nightlife and culture.