Skeena Catsking

Canada: British Columbia

Massive terrain, huge powder dumps and big time fun at Northern BC's only catskiing operator!

"Large heli and catskiing tenure in North America"

In the Mecca of catskiing, it might be hard to pick a favorite destination, but if you’re interested in a truly unique experience you’ve found it with Skeena Catskiing. Not only does Skeena Catskiing operate on a portion of the 2nd largest heli and catskiing tenure in North America, but it is the only catskiing destination in northern British Columbia. This unique location means that Skeena also takes pride in being a favorite of locals who want to enjoy catskiing in their own ‘backyard.’ Whether you’re coming from halfway around the world or from just across town, you’ll find great choices and expert service with Skeena Catskiing!

"All-inclusive multi-day trips for skiers & snowboarders"

Skeena’s catskiing packages are all-inclusive multi-day trips. Skiers and snowboarders of all types, from solo travelers, to big groups, intermediate and advanced skiers and snowboarders will all find a great catskiing package with Skeena. The area in which Skeena operates is known locally as a snowbelt with epic snowfall brought in from the moist Pacific air creating huge powder dumps every year. The tenure at Skeena stretches for more than 600 square kilometers and is made up of a diverse terrain of tree skiing, open bowls, natural glades and lots of steeps.

Pick just a daytrip or go all out with an all-inclusive catskiing adventure with lodging, the choice is yours and you’re guaranteed to have a great time and some fresh tracks with Skeena Catskiing!

5 reasons to choose Skeena Catskiing:

  1. The only catskiing operator in Northern BC.
  2. The best option in for getting away from the crowds; only 10 - 12 skiers on the tenure.
  3. Expansive and diverse terrain means you’ll never get bored.
  4. Lots options for catskiing packages so you can pick the perfect trip!
  5. Experienced guides with individual approach..