Ski Arpa Cat Skiing


Ski the slopes of the highest mountain outside of the Himalayas and enjoy the unbeatable views and untouched snow, with the unrivaled service of Ski Arpa.

"The only snowcat serviced ski center in South America"

Ski Arpa Cat Skiing has a reputation known around the world as one of the premier Cat Skiing providers in the industry. Located in Valle El Arpa beneath Mt. Aconcagua in Chile, the highest peak outside the Himalayas, Ski Arpa operates the only snowcat serviced ski center in South America. With this exclusive terrain, you can bet you’ll be treated to some of the most pristine, untracked snow, and incredible vertical in the world.

"Ride the freshest untouched powder on Mt. Aconcagua"

Because Valle El Arpa is only 108 kilometers from Santiago, it’s the perfect choice for a daytrip, allowing time to return to Santiago or even to catch an international flight home. During your day at Ski Arpa, you’ll ski more than 13,000 vertical feet of powder while enjoying stunning views of Mt. Aconcagua. Because you’ll have the opportunity to ski on unparalleled slopes, on some of the freshest untouched powder in South America, this trip is suitable for high intermediate and advanced skiers or snowboarders only.

The Ski Arpa Cat Skiing trip includes transportation to and from Santiago in a comfortable 4x4 vehicle, avalanche safety kits, and a box lunch. During your day of Cat Skiing in Valle El Arpa you can look forward to four runs. Legendary service and epic terrain make Ski Arpa Cat Skiing an unbeatable choice.

4 reasons to choose Ski Arpa Cat Skiing:

  1. World-famous reputation
  2. Only cat skiing operation in South America
  3. Perfect for a daytrip from Santiago
  4. Includes transportation from Santiago