Maldives: North & South Male

Chater with Sojourn for clean, quiet and adventurous lineups, striking sunsets, nutritious food and well kept company. Explore perfect waves and surf your heart out in beautiful Maldives.

“Float away to hidden surfers paradise"

The sunsets are bewildering whilst sitting upon Sojourn on the shaded bimini sundeck, after a long day of chasing and catching the waves of a lifetime. Get a group of your friends together, as the Sojourn holds up to 10 people comfortably, however, if smaller numbers is more your style, fear not, for Sojourn will take you as little as 4. Every twin-room has air-con and there is ample deck room for relaxing.

“Pump up your excitement for remote reef breaks”

The Southern Atolls where Sojourn will take you is home to some of the heaviest waves in the Maldives. They throw hard but some of the best barrels in the Maldives are born here. Daring intermediates or advanced surfers not only rewarded by the majestic solid tubes but the isolation of the Southern Atolls means there’s next to no one in the lineup.

“Be excited about the surf and the down time on Sojourn”

Appetites don’t go under appreciated aboard the Sojourn. Fresh fish, sashimi and tropical fruits are just some of the delightful cuisines you can expect. Not only does the Sojourn provide excellent surf chartering, aboard they also have snorkelling and fishing gear. The staff are overly helpful and knowledgable and they’ll to help in whatever they can, including organising the free airport transfers for your group.

4 reasons to choose the Sojourn:

  1. The Southern Atolls are the quietest surf breaks and the most daring
  2. Quality, fresh cuisine including seafood
  3. Can accommodate a large or small group of friends
  4. Free group airport transfers