Stoke San Sebastian Surf Camp

Spain: Pais Vasco - East

A super fun surf house attracting a young cosmopolitan and social crowd. You will find different waves close by which will suit surfers of all levels.

"Surfing by day - partying by night"

If your idea of the ideal surf house is one with a super fun vibe where the emphasis is on surfing by day and partying by night then the social Stoke San Sebastian Surf House in the heart of Basque country, Spain could be just what you are looking for. The lively beach and surf scene attracts a young, fun crowd from literally all over Europe and beyond.

"Variety of waves which are suitable for all skill levels"

The Basque country offers a range of waves produced from quality sandbanks and reefs. Depending on which peak or place you choose along the beach's length you will be rewarded with a variety of waves which are suitable for all skill levels – from beginner to experienced surfer. If you’re a beginner our instructors get you standing in no time, and if you’re more experienced our guides will show you where to get the best waves. Annually in August/September Zarautz hosts also a World Series surf competition.

In addition there is also the opportunity for lots of side trips and a range of activities for you to participate in if you have the energy. Look no further if you want a great value for money beach-side surf camp where endless surfing and partying are the order of the day.

3 reasons to choose Stoke San Sebastian Surf Camp:

  1. Super fun social surf house with
  2. Variety of quality beach and reef breaks
  3. Many side trips and a range of activities possible