Stoke Surfari Spain and France

Spain: La Côte Basque

Surf road trip from Spain's San Sebastian to France's Bordeaux for young, social and adventurous surfers at various camp sites in spacious tents.

"Surf adventure trip from Spain's San Sebastian to Bordeaux"

Are you the young, social and adventurous surfer type who likes to explore and check out a variety of breaks to ring the changes and keep your interest levels up? If so then the Stoke Surfari could be just what you are looking for. What's more, if you are torn between the destinations of France or Spain for your ocean riding adventure trip then this surf camp option solves your dilemma for you because it covers both – if necessary all the way from Spain's San Sebastian to Bordeaux in France.

Order of the day is surfing, meeting new mates, having lots of fun, chilling and exploring. Whether you are a newbie surfer just starting out and want to learn how it's done or an experienced surfer focused on ripping it up then there is a chance for that here. If you have to sit out any flat days then Stoke Surfari will just take you exploring inland instead.

"Spacious, comfortable tents and meals are included"

Your accommodation is offered in campsites all along the coast with each night's location being dependent on where the waves have taken you that day and where they will be taking you tomorrow after checking out the best conditions. Your tents are spacious and comfortable and you won't need to spare a thought to food because all your meals are included and taken care of.

Mother Nature is in charge of this surf trip and will definitely lead the way to the reefs, points, river mouths and MANY high quality sandbanks which might be part of the day's agenda. What you surf and where is decided depending on swell and local conditions.

The all-inclusive package offered by Stoke Surfari includes all your transport, your nights at the camp sites and full board every day. You can choose if you add to this either surf lessons and/or guiding and equipment use.

If you are looking for an all-inclusive package, which offers fun, socialising, adventure and explorations covering the breaks of both Spain and France then this would be a good choice for you.

4 reasons to choose Stoke Surfari Spain and France:

  1. Covers both Spanish and French coasts – San Sebastian to Bordeaux!
  2. Opportunity of exploring and surfing lots of different breaks!
  3. Spacious tent accommodation.
  4. All-inclusive package!