Surf Penascal

Peru: Punta Hermosa

Beach front accommodation with breaks within walking distance and the possibility of further guided trips.

"In Penascal/San Bartolo on the central Peruvian coast"

The beachfront South American surf camp of Surf Penascal is based in Penascal/San Bartolo on the central Peruvian coast. As the home of Sofia Mumanovich, the 2004 ASP World Champion and the first ever Peruvian to win an ASP World Championship tour event, you can rest assured that it is an area offering quality waves suitable for surfing pros.

"Beach front apartments or rooms close to the ocean"

The Surf Penascal accommodation gives surf camp guests the options of apartments or rooms all in a beach front location so that the ocean is close by. The accommodation on offer includes hammocks – perfect for chill time or taking a well-earned siesta in between your surfing sessions. There are also social areas for relaxation and mingling which include such things as ping-pong for some out of the water play time too.

"Waves of Penascal and San Bartolo in walking distance"

The nearest waves of Penascal and San Bartolo are within walking distance of your Surf Penascal base which is ideal for surfers who want easy wave access. All the other Punta Hermosa area breaks are in close proximity and are there to be explored - either under your own steam or with the help of the Surf Penascal guides. The options don't end there though – the fun left point break of Puerto Viejo and other Peruvian jewels are nearby.

The packages offered by Surf Penascal include meal options, classes and/or guiding, transfers and accommodation. Adventurous travellers can take advantage of the packages which offer surf trips to other spots along the Peruvian coast and there are even side trips to Machu Picchu possible.

Make Surf Penascal your choice if you are looking for a central Peruvian base which offers beach front accommodation, breaks within walking distance and a whole range of other break options accessible.

5 reasons to choose Surf Penascal:

  1. Beach front location!
  2. Social areas with hammocks and ping -pong.
  3. Walking distance to Penascal and San Bartolo!
  4. Guiding to other breaks possible.
  5. Packages which include side trips to Machu Picchu!