T-Land Resort

Indonesia: Savu & Rote

Luxurious, comfortable villas in traditional Indo style in unspoilt area, placing you directly in front of T-Land surf, with family friendly packages offered.

"This luxury resort with authentic Indonesian style"

Should luxury and comfort be high on your surf vacation priority list then the Indonesian T-Land Resort could be a great match, offering exactly that. What is more, should you be looking for something which takes you a little off the beaten track and away from hyper-commercialism, you might be pleased to learn that here you will based in an unspoiled area away from mass tourism on the tropical island of Roti.

Your accommodation at T-Land Resort falls into the luxurious category so you can be sure of a comfortable stay. However this luxury doesn't compromise or miss out on the traditional or authentic Indonesian style which will serve as a constant reminder, should you need one, of your exotic location.

"In front of the local T-Land surf break, a world famous reef"

Surfers who like their wave right on their doorstep will be happy to know that the villas of T-Land resort place you directly in front of your local break during your stay and what a break it is – the world famous reef of T-Land. Long rides are the order of the day here - this left-hander is in fact one of the longest in Indonesia. This iconic classic wave also features 3 separate sections which makes it a wave suitable for different levels of surfers.

The package on offer through T-Land Resort means that all flights can be organized for you and the options here include a family friendly package.

Make this your choice if you are looking for luxury, comfort and world class Indonesian surf in a place away from the mass tourism so often associated with this region's surf and holiday options.

6 reasons to choose T-Land Resort:

  1. Luxurious and comfortable villas!
  2. Traditional and authentic Indo style accommodation!
  3. Unspoiled area away from mass tourism!
  4. Directly in front of T-Land reef break!
  5. Family friendly packages available.
  6. All flight organization possible.