Wagon Surf Adventures Portugal


Enjoy a van-like lifestyle without sacrificing the comfort of a hotel on board this luxury, customized surfing chalet on wheels.

"Affordable dream surf trips in Portugal"

If you are looking for a surf holiday this year that’s different to your average mainstream surf camp, then you have come to the right place. Described as a luxury chalet on wheels, Wagon Surf Adventures – Portugal offers affordable dream surf trips where guests can enjoy the flexibility of the campervan-like lifestyle without missing the comfort of a hotel.

This reincarnated Wagon, formally a 7.5 tonne removals truck, is fully equipped with all the amenities you need whilst on the go. Freshen up after your surf sesh and rinse off all that salty grit. Take advantage of the outdoor shower which can be pulled out from the board storage locker. That’s only the prelude. You can finish off and enjoy a lovely warm shower indoors. The domestic shower in the Wagon has been fitted with a boiler so you don’t have to miss out on instant hot water and a well pressured shower whilst on the road.

"Surf footage taken by the on board photographer"

Sip on a refreshingly cold beer as you relax and enjoy the sunset from the Wagon terrace. If it gets a little too chilli outside, you can always come in and snuggle up in the cosy living room. Stick on your favourite movie or watch surf footage taken by the on board surf photographer. You even have WiFi at your fingertips on board this surf-mobile!

"Group Package for an exclusive week of holiday"

The Wagon is ideal for a group of six. With the Group Exclusive Package, you can have the Wagon at your disposal for the week. As a group you’ll have all the flexibility you need and can decide on an adhoc basis in terms of where to go and what to do. For those of you who don’t quite have the benefits of a week’s holiday or are travelling solo, you can always join the Wagon on a day-to day basis at any point during the week on the Surfcation or Flexitrip Package.

3 Reasons to choose Wagon Surf Adventures – Portugal:

  1. Be a surf nomad – move up and down the coastline in luxury accommodation on wheels!
  2. Packages suitable for groups and individuals.
  3. WiFi at your fingertips whilst you cruise on board!