Whiteblue Ski and Cruise Adventures


Big white mountains, big blue sea, a truly Norwegian experience up into the Arctic Circle with Whiteblue Ski and Cruise Adventures!

"Where blue seas meet snow covered mountains!"

Have you ever dreamt of standing on top of a mountain with views of icy seas shimmering in the bright light all around you? Then did you ski on powder all the way to the beach? At Kvaløya island you can experience just that! This is just one of the many unique experiences available on a Whiteblue Ski and Cruise Adventure. This is ski touring at its finest! You'll visit places not accessible by road. The Norwegian coast is a magical place, where blue seas meet snow covered mountains, under the northern lights. Daily adventures and breathtaking sights combine with relaxed Norwegian attitudes and fresh seafood to make this a most memorable excursion.

"Summit to sea skiing!"

This tour begins in Tromso, Norway, where you will spend the first day skiing Kvaløya island before boarding the cruise ship Hurtigruten. The ship will then take you south to the Lofoten Islands. This rugged landscape 300 km north of the Arctic Circle is the stuff of legend. Once home to the cod fishermen, famous for battling fierce winter storms, it now offers summit to sea skiing amidst simply stunning beauty. After an incredible ski experience in Lofoten, the ship heads to Glomfjord for two more days of fantastic Norwegian skiing.

Whiteblue Ski and Cruise Adventures offers two packages, a 5 day and a 7 day trip, both of which are designed for groups of 6 guests. The trips are available in springtime from March 6 to April 21. All levels of experience are welcome but it should be noted that there will be some strenuous activity so for your own enjoyment it is recommended that you be in decent physical shape.

"Welcoming Norwegian hospitality"

Come and experience the indescribable beauty of the Norwegian coasts and Arctic sea while enjoying some great touring skiing experiences. You'll feel right at home with the relaxed and welcoming Norwegian hospitality and hopefully get to see the mystical northern lights!

4 reasons to choose Whiteblue Ski and Cruise Adventure:

  1. You'll visit different areas of Norway from the convenience of a cruise ship
  2. Experience the combination of skiing in the mountains and cruising the sea
  3. See the rugged beauty of the arctic
  4. Comfortable accommodation on the luxurious Hurtigruten and other handpicked lodges ashore