Yellow Travel - Female Freeride

Austria: Oberösterreich

Learn from the best and have a blast with other girls on the Female Freeride, a girls-only trip led by one of the world’s best female skiers!

"Become a strong backcountry skier in Krippenstein"

Why should boys have all the fun? The Female Freeride trip was designed exclusively for girls that want to experience the thrill of off-piste skiing and fun of learning from the pros. What better way to learn and improve than with a pro right at your side? While pro skier Kata Mihaljevic or an expert female mountain guide looks over your shoulder you can master the techniques that are essential to being a strong backcountry skier.

During this once in a lifetime ski trip to the Krippenstein ski area in Austria, you’ll learn from knowledgeable skiers who can provide tips and tricks and on-the-spot assessments to allow you to quickly improve and take your skills to the next level. You might learn how to choose the right lines, select good terrain, pick the right tactics for each slope and of course you’ll receive plenty of useful advice for improving your turns too! Although this trip is a great learning experience, it’s not for beginners; you should be prepared for all day off-piste skiing and be physically fit for uphill climbs.

"Ski trip to Austria with certified mountain guides"

The Yellow Travel – Female Freeride trip is available with or without accommodation and includes guidance and coaching from both professional athletes and certified mountain and ski guides.

Learn from the best and enjoy the fun of a girls-only ski trip with the Yellow Travel – Female Freeride trip!

3 reasons to choose Yellow Travel - Female Freeride:

  1. Learn from professional skiers.
  2. Ski and train with other women for a comfortable and sociable atmosphere.
  3. Available as a day trip or with accommodation for maximum flexibility.