Banff Freestyle Camps

Canada: Alberta

Improve your skills, master new tricks and have a blast in Banff, Canada’s freestyle Mecca and fun party town!


What People Say

I had an amazing time on the 11 week programme. I left England with some trepidation about whether it was the right thing for me personally and professionally but if you have any hesitations just go for it!

I researched a lot of similar programmes and choose Nonstop for of a variety of reasons, and after hearing from other guys on other courses I knew I had chosen well.

All the guys on my course were fab – there isn’t one that I wouldn’t keep in touch with. We were all ages too. The instructors were awesome – the time, effort, knowledge and patience they have is incredible and they make it all fun.

Maria Apperley (41 years old)

I've had an amazing season, met great individuals (both on the course, hosts and instructors) and can now ride all of the terrain available in Fernie which is a very challenging mountain. I have great memories for life and enhanced riding skills that will serve me for years to come.

Kalpesh Patel (34 years old)

Best thing about the course - Meeting so many like minded people, many of whom will be friends for life and getting to snowboard for 12 weeks without a care in the world!

David Turner (26 years old)

I used to watch instructors from the chair lift and wish I could ski like that. Now I can, thanks to the amazing Nonstop instructors who tailor the feedback to suit the individual and make it such a fun experience.

Every single detail about the course exceeded my expectations by a mile and has totally changed my life! I made the most amazing friends and skied some of the best slopes in the world. The only drawback of the whole 11 weeks is that I’ve become one serious powder junkie.

Baibre Lacey (27 years old)

When I took the plunge and joined Nonstop’s instructor course in Red Mountain, I was 33 with a well paid but unfulfilling accountancy career. And I haven’t looked back!

I have now spent four winters working in a Canadian ski school and have reach CSIA level three. Teaching people to ski is the best job in the world! It gives me the ability to ski every day of the winter, and I can still work as an accountant in the summer.

Paul Cooper (33 years old)

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the fantastic time! It was a great experience that I will never forget. The skiing was awesome, led by some really brilliant and experienced instructors. Passing Level 1 & 2 was great but, secondary to the experience and fun that I had. The resort, hotel and organisation were ideal for the three months in Canada which simply flew past.

Maybe one day I will have the opportunity to do it again - fingers crossed!

Scott Sanger (18 years old)

As you can tell I've had a super awesome time and have loved every minute of it. Definitely recommending it to people I know! The people on the course and the instructers really made it for me. Everything was so much fun and my riding improved so much. THANK YOU!!

Max Murley (20 years old)

The best thing about this course - Just the overall experience...the family atmosphere that it has, the wicked instructors who have helped me improve my riding so much. All the people who have been on the course with me....just everything

Duncan Macfarlane (20 years old)

The best thing about course - Everything!! Fernie! The whole organisation of the course was great, and a really welcoming atmosphere. But also the skiing in Fernie is the best I have ever experienced and the standard and mixtures of great personalities of the instructors really made it worthwhile! Cannot recommend or rate it highly enough! Experience of a lifetime! Thanks a million! :)

Gemma Soloman (22 years old)

I had an absolutely great 11 weeks - some of the best weeks of my life. Canada is amazing, I wake up every day look out and smile. My life is complete.

Freddie Lee (19 years old)

I loved how instantly everyone acted as a big family and everybody looked out for one another, we ate together, we rode together, we celebrate together and we partied together! The atmosphere throughout the group was what made the experience so fantastic! I also loved the passion that the instructors showed - their enthusiasm and passion made it so easy for us to learn and have fun day in day out!!

Jason Ionotton (19 years old)

Quick note to thank you and the Nonstop team for supporting Phil on his ski instructors course this winter. He came back much more positive and confident in his own abilities, and keen to get back to Canada next season to teach.

He's currently working long hours at the local Co-op to raise funds for next season, and is preparing his visa application. Your notes for Visa applications are spot on.

Parents of Phil Rathbone (18 years old)


I just wanted to thank you all for making Sam's Nonstop experience in Banff such a great success. You have all been immensely helpful from start to finish which has been very reassuring to me as a mum! My younger son Alex can't wait to follow in his brother's footsteps in a few years time.

Mother of Sam Rogers (18 years old)

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