Banff Freestyle Camps

Canada: Alberta

Improve your skills, master new tricks and have a blast in Banff, Canada’s freestyle Mecca and fun party town!

Why Choose Canada?


If you have never skied in western Canada before, then you are in for a treat. However, this information should come with a warning because after experiencing western Canada, skiing in Europe will never be the same again!

We specialise in western Canada because it is an area that we know and love and we simply don’t believe there is anywhere better to spend a season. After years of visiting European resorts, we stumbled upon Fernie in 2001 and spent the whole season pinching ourselves as we couldn’t believe how good it was!

Snow Quantity and Quality

Each winter western Canada gets dumped on hard and fast but quantity isn’t everything, the quality of the white stuff is also important. We could get very technical and bore you with our scientific knowledge of snow flake formations but all that really matters is that the snow that falls in the Rockies is light, soft and fluffy – commonly referred to as Champagne powder. For the 2007/08 season, Fernie received 1118cm of snow compared to Meribel that had just 396cm.

Totally Empty Pistes

It has to been seen to be believed but in some of the less touristy resorts you can literally have the whole piste to yourself even on a fresh powder day. Imagine not having to queue for a lift, fight for a table at lunch or miss out on half a days skiing while waiting in line to buy a lift pass. As there are fewer people on the mountain it also means often you can enjoy fresh tracks all day long especially if you are with an instructor who can show you all the well kept secrets.

Challenging and Varied Terrain

We often describe our resorts as ‘on piste, off piste’ resorts. This is because instead of grooming every inch of the mountain into flat corduroy race tracks, in Canada the mountain isn’t played around with as much. One day you may be riding fresh powder, the next day chopped up crud and then small bumps; every day brings a new challenge. In Canada you can also explore the whole mountain; no area is off limits. So rather than being channelled down narrow, icy, crowded runs you can pick your line down any part of the mountain whether it be through trees or down the fall line.

Be Adventurous

If you are from Europe you can go to the Alps for a week’s holiday every year for the rest of your life! If you are considering spending an extended period of time in the mountains then why not go on an adventure and head a little further away from home?

Super Friendly People

Not only do our clients fall in love with the snow and the empty pistes but it is also the people that really have an effect on them. The Canadians have such a great outlook on life, their energy is contagious and their ‘live every day to the full’ attitude is incredibly invigorating. But best of all they want to get to know you; you will never sit on a chair lift in silence in Canada!

PP/Night from US$ 151