Banff Freestyle Camps

Canada: Alberta

Improve your skills, master new tricks and have a blast in Banff, Canada’s freestyle Mecca and fun party town!

Peace of Mind


Support for Parents

Book with confidence - For many parents it can be an unnerving experience sending their son or daughter out into the world for the first time and with so many companies on the market you want to be sure you are booking with a reputable company. Nonstop has been the market leader in ski and snowboard courses for many years now and to date we have trained more happy customers than any other company.

Keep in close contact - Over the last 10 years in operation we have found that parents feel much more at ease if they are kept in the loop throughout the booking process and the course, and for that reason we have made it easier than ever to keep in touch with us. You can call us in the office 9am-6pm 5 days a week, e-mail us and even add us on skype.

Feel Informed - In the months leading up to the course clients will receive detailed information packs, letting you know all the finer details of the course and often answering the niggling questions you have in the back of your mind. If you'd prefer to be the main e-mail contact with Nonstop (instead of your son or daughter) let us know and we will make sure all correspondence leading up to the course will be sent directly you.

Support without hand holding - Over the years we have seen many gap year students grow and mature during their time with us and it is something we actively encourage on all our courses. So while there is always great support for all our clients, we are very careful not treat our gap year Nonstoppers any different to anyone else on the course, as we feel too much 'hand holding' can be detrimental to their development as young adults.


Our Industry Experience

Nonstop has been operating since 2002 and in that time we have trained and certified more instructors than any other company.

We started by running just one course in Fernie BC almost 10 years ago; we now offer 20 different courses spread across three countries and over 10 different resorts. Despite the growth, our UK operations team remains small with just six full-time staff members, so you'll get to know each of us well.  We believe in a non-corporate, personal service, which is why throughout your whole Nonstop experience you can easily talk to any one of us at any point.  We have lots more staff on hand in Canada during the season, you can read more about the team below.

Nonstop are the market leaders in ski and snowboard tuition, we're going from strength to strength and our progress does not show any signs of slowing down, even in this period of economic downturn. Book with confidence knowing that your investment is safe and that even with fewer people affording gap years, we will still be there providing first class courses and once in a lifetime experiences!

PP/Night from US$ 152