Banff Freestyle Camps

Canada: Alberta

Improve your skills, master new tricks and have a blast in Banff, Canada’s freestyle Mecca and fun party town!

The Canadian Team

Emily Park

We first met Emily on our 06/07 11 Week Snowboard Instructor course in Banff. Emily quickly established herself as one of the strongest female riders we had seen on a Nonstop course and achieved her Level 1 and 2 certifications, but we knew that was only the beginning! After teaching for three seasons in Banff and New Zealand (gaining her Level 3 in the process), as well as assisting our then Banff host Tysen, Emily came on board as our full time host and we haven't looked back since. Emily is super fun, incredibly organised (she is a P.E teacher in the summer months), and a lynch pin of our 11 week course in Banff.

Mark Impey

Mark is our Red Mountain course director and lead ski coach. Formerly the head of the CSIA in Western Canada, Mark is pretty much the most experienced ski coach you are ever likely to meet. We are extremely proud to be able to offer lessons with Mark as his knowledge, skill level and ability to train people to the highest level is unrivalled. On top of all that he is great guy as well!

Dave Richards

Our Canadian Operations Manager, based in Fernie. Dave oversees all of our programs in Canada and has been with Nonstop since the very beginning. Formerly the owner of rafting company, he has also been a Cat ski guide, outdoor pursuits instructor and is currently a member of the Fernie search and rescue team. Dave has a lifetime of experience in the mountains making him the perfect person to oversee our ski and snowboard courses.

Jenny Mitchell

Jenny is a Brit turned Canadian and has lived in Fernie BC for the last 10 years. An awesome skier (and Level 3 instructor), Jenny oversees all of our short courses in Fernie as well as our Master the Mountain off-piste camp. Jenny often receives many of the plaudits from our short course clients as she works tirelessly to ensure all elements of the programs are well taken care of and provides excellent support throughout. We are extremely lucky to have her on board and hope she stays with us for years to come!

Mark Hatch

Mark is the quintessential mountain man complete with trusty dog at his side. After spending eight years in Fernie working on various Nonstop courses, Mark has now taken his place as our Fernie course host and is doing a fantastic job. Always the first to join in the fun Mark is great at making the course more than just a dry training experience and is constantly coming up with new ways to enhance participants' time in Fernie.

PP/Night from US$ 153